What Do I Say to My Stanford Newcomer Guide?

It’s that time again…time to schedule your quarterly check-in with your Stanford Newcomer Guide. Consider discussing what kinds of opportunities you may want to explore or pursue. Here are some great questions that YOU can bring to this meeting so that you can enjoy a meaningful and productive conversation.
Take a beat to catch up with one another by asking your Stanford Newcomer guide ...
  • What is the most interesting, provocative, or enjoyable thing you have read since our last meeting?
  • What is the biggest challenge you are grappling with these days? 
Reflect on your own recent academic performance and progress. Share your responses to questions such as ... 
  • What is going really well for you? 
  • What, if anything, would you like to do differently or better? 
  • What have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before? 
Explore possibilities by asking your Stanford Newcomer Guide questions like ...
  • What do you think about my going abroad next year? Did you go abroad when you were a student? If so, where did you go and what did you do there? Is there anything you think I should consider if I am thinking about doing a BOSP program?
  • Have you advised any other students who have done Sophomore College or an Arts Intensive at the end of the summer? If so, which one did they do and why? What did they say about the experience?
  • I’d like to work as a counselor at my old summer camp, but a lot of other students are talking about applying for internships or research here on campus. How should I decide on what I’m going to do this summer?
  • I am interested in getting involved in research, but I am not sure where I should be looking, who I should talk to, or how to get started. Do you have any suggestions for me?
Refine and prioritize your interests by asking Questions Such as ...
  • Who would be a good person for me to talk to, in order to learn more about my interest/this potential major/research possibilities, etc?
  • I am trying to keep several possibilities open, but I am finding it difficult to explore any one of them in depth. How can I decide which are most important, and which can be set aside for now?