Your Three Books Mailing is on its Way!

New Student Orientation (NSO) features the cherished Three Books program, a moderated discussion with the authors of the texts chosen for you, the incoming freshmen and transfer classes. The theme of this year’s program is “home” and features the following authors/books:

  • Loung Ung, First They Killed My Father
  • Arlie Russell Hochschild, The Outsourced Self
  • Chad Harbach, The Art of Fielding

What You Need to Know Now

The Three Books Mailing shipped to incoming freshmen and transfer students on Friday, June 21, 2013. The arrival times will vary, especially for international addresses.

Even before this package arrives in the mail, you can get a jump start on reading the letter from this year’s faculty moderator, Prof. Nicholas Jenkins.

On Monday, June 24, we included a link in the Approaching Stanford Newsletter to a special online course site where you can learn more about this year’s books and participate in discussions with your classmates. You’ll definitely want to participate in this online discussion for Three Books - we’ll identify key areas of interest and questions from this forum and use them to shape the conversation with the authors of the Three Books held during NSO.

What if this Mailing Doesn't Arrive in a Timely Fashion?

Generally, the mailings can take up to a week to arrive at domestic addresses and up to two weeks for international addresses. We rely on the mailing address that you’ve listed in Axess to generate our mailing labels, which we generated on June 10.

If you have a domestic (a U.S.) mailing address and your mailing hasn’t arrived by June 28 then send us an email at (using your mailing address) to notify us and confirm your current mailing address.

If you have an international mailing address and your mailing hasn’t arrived by July 24, let us know. For international addresses, our mail house will use a courier service to deliver your hard copy mailings if one is available in your region and your mailing address does not contain a P.O. Box. (Regular mail must be used for delivery to P.O. Box addresses.)

What if a Key Piece is Missing from your Mailing?

The Approaching Stanford Schedule lists all of the components that you should expect to find in a given mailing. It’s possible (but should be rare) that your mailing is missing the Three Books bookmark that gives an overview of the program and acknowledges the programs’ generous donors. If you’re missing any of the actual books from your mailing, please let us know by emailing

Am I Required to Read all Three of the Books?

Technically, no. We do hope that you will enjoy all of them but there is no actual assignment attached to this requiring that you read all three. However, we do expect that you will attend the Three Books program held during NSO as well as participate in the subsequent discussion held in your dorm that evening. Trust us, you’ll find this program to be really engaging if you’re familiar with all of the books!

This is Great! Where Can I Learn More?

Make sure you’ve read the letter from our faculty moderator (linked above) - that’s a great starting point. Also, be sure to join the Three Books online forum (technically, it’s an online course) - we included the link to this in the June 24 Approaching Stanford Newsletter . You’ll find bios of the authors, links to additional resources, and discussion threads on topics related to the books and this year’s theme of Home.


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