Transfer Students

Transfer student Danya Adib-Azpeitia was one of a large group of students who introduced themselves to the audience at the Chicanx/Latinx New Student and Family Welcome. Move-In Day, 2018.

Welcome, Transfers!

We provide academic advising, programming and support for students as they shape their Stanford education. As transfers, you come to Stanford with one or more years of experience at another college and many of you with years of life experience. We welcome you to both the transfer community and the broader Stanford community.

In supporting your personal and intellectual development and guiding you to engage with faculty, Academic Advising encourages you to explore the full breadth and depth of intellectual opportunities, to find your intellectual home and to discover a sense of belonging at Stanford. This process begins with New Student Orientation (NSO) when you will attend many sessions designed to welcome and introduce you to life at Stanford. 

You may work with multiple mentors. You will meet your Stanford Newcomer Guide (SNG) during NSO. Your SNG will serve as your mentor/advisor until you declare a major. In addition, you will hear from your Undergraduate Advising Director (UAD) who is affiliated with your residence. Once you declare a major you will have a major advisor too. In addition, once you are an admitted transfer student, you will have Transfer Advising Coordinator, Alice Petty, available to you beginning the summer prior to your arrival and throughout your time at Stanford. (Students who are applying to transfer should contact admissions).

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