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Resilience and Campus Life:  A Model for Teaching Students the Skills for Resilience

Presentation by Dr. Alex Lickerman, author of The Undefeated Mind

About the Event

Resilience is a vital factor for academic, personal and interpersonal success and fulfillment for Stanford students.

In The Undefeated Mind, physician Alex Lickerman contends that resilience isn’t something with which only a fortunate few of us have been born, but rather something we can all take action to develop. Offering a set of guidelines for establishing a life state that makes all problems solvable, The Undefeated Mind details nine principles we can all use to dramatically increase our ability to withstand adversity.  

In telling the stories ofindividuals who’ve used these principles to overcome pain, both physical and emotional,  Dr. Lickerman will explain how we can make these principles function within our own lives, and how to help our students find strength and wisdom through adversity.

The Undefeated Mind Book Cover
Date and Time: 
Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 9:00am to 10:15am
Black Community Services Center; Henry and Monique Brandon Family Community Room
Event Sponsor: 
Hosted by I Thrive@Stanford / Vaden Health Center/The Resilience Project
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