PERFORMANCE | Nao Bustamante's "Chase Scene" + Rafa Esparza's "Dale"

February 13, 2018 -
5:30pm to 7:00pm
Pigott Theater

Free + Open to the Public

This performance begins at 5:30pm with Nao Bustamante's "Chase Scene" in Pigott Theater. Subsequently, Rafa Espartza's "Dale" is an outdoor moving performance.

Nao Bustamante performs “Chase Scene.” This performance intermingles techniques of cinematic Foley work, with improvisational elements. Bustamante seems to be caught in a chase scene as she reenacts the old trope of a woman, alone, in the street and the dangers that lie within.Following "Chase Scene," Rafa Esparza performs "Dale." Dale means "go," but translates into "give him/her/they". Within the piece, Esparza tosses forward a double of himself — collecting it, embracing it, and then tossing it forward again, repeatedly —on a path around campus. Esparza says, "I'm interested in creating a situation that makes visible the labor of pushing one's self through college especially as a Queer, Brown, first gen student. I'd also like to point towards how these institutions are kept and maintained by Brown folks whom some of the same students have a special affinity with. This is a performance that's thinking about them and these social choreographies constructed by institutional racism."

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Stanford Arts, Department of Art & Art History, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Stanford Department of Theater & Performance Studies
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