Stanford Engaged Scholarship Conference: (Re)Thinking Engaged Scholarship and Participatory Citizenship

February 1, 2018 -
10:00am to 3:00pm
Donald Kennedy Room, Haas Center for Public Service

The 3rd Annual Stanford Engaged Scholarship Conference highlights engaged scholarship and scholar-activism in institutions of higher education and in the community. We define engaged scholarship as diverse research, pedagogy, and creative performance—conducted in partnership with public, non-profit, or private stakeholders—focused on addressing critical social issues and contributing to the public good.

This year’s conference theme focuses on the relationships between engaged scholarship and participatory citizenship, while highlighting interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches. Panel presentations will speak to questions and topics of inquiry in several areas of interest including but not limited to: immigration, LGBT/queer rights, schooling, housing, environment, sustainability, health, and human rights.

Framing Questions of the Conference: 

As we think about the role of engaged scholarship in these times of transforming democratic participation, we are asking ourselves:

  • How, as community engaged scholars, are we building intellectual and political solidarities across communities and across politicized difference?
  • How can our collaborations with citizen groups or community organizations contribute to community engaged learning and scholarship in today’s political context?

The Stanford Engaged Scholarship Conference is meant to interrogate relationships among academic scholarship, communities, and movements; create spaces for productive dialogue among community groups, scholars, and students; explore the research/learning possibilities between students and faculty in classrooms and communities; and bring together different stakeholders to build a community of engaged scholars. Our hope is this conference will encourage us to think critically and actively about our research and collaborations.

For more information, please contact Donna Hunter, Clayton Hurd, or Rigoberto Marquez.

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Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Haas Center for Public Service
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