Current STEM Fellows

Class of 2016

Mark Berger ('16)

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Oneida, NY




Stefano Cestellos Blanco ('16)

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Mountain View, CA



Claudia Dennler ('16)

Major: BioEngineering
Hometown: Lovelock, NV

Mallory Frazier ('16)

Major: Physics
Hometown: Fort Bragg, CA



Ashley Hartwell ('16)

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Barbara Jerome ('16)

Major: Human Biology
Hometown: Homestead, FL



Erica McDowell ('16)

Major: Physics
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM


Class of 2015

Tori Bahe smiling at the main quad


Major: Earth Systems
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ


Anthony Cordova smiling at the main quad

Anthony Cordova ('15)

Major: Biology
Lab/Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aaron Straight / Straight Lab
Hometown: Fremont, CA


Ifueko Igbinedion smiling at the main quad


Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Sacramento, CA


Amy Nguyen smiling at the main quadAmy Nguyen ('15)

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Hawthorne, CA


Olutosin Sonuyi smiling at the main quadOlutosin Sonuyi ('15)

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Placentia, CA


Class of 2014

Blair Huffman smiling at main quadBlair Huffman ('14)

Major: Electrical Engineering
Lab/Faculty Mentor: Dr. Roger Howe / NanoFab Lab
Hometown: Tulsa, OK


Dewey Kemp smiling at the main quadDewey Kemp ('14)

Major: Mathematics
Lab/Faculty Mentor: Dr. Richard Schoen
Hometown: Lansing, MI


Megan Mikhail smiling at the main quadMegan Mikhail ('14)

Major: Biology and Computer Science
Lab/Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Palumbi / Palumbi Lab
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ


Chelsea Powell smiling at the main quadChelsea Powell ('14)

Major: Chemical Engineering
Lab/Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Bogyo / Bogyo Lab
Hometown: New York, NY


ZiXiang Zhang ('14)

Major: Geological & Environmental Sciences
Lab/Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Payne
Hometown: Ridgewood, NY


Stanford Undergraduate STEM Fellows Program