Student Government Opportunities

ASSU Undergraduate Senate

The Undergraduate Senate is the official representative body of undergraduate student interests and concerns. It is composed of elected student senators who serve on various subcommittees related to students’ academic and residential life at Stanford.

ASSU Executive Branch

The ASSU Executives coordinate and oversee all of the day-to-day operations and activities of the association.

Frosh Council

Sponsored by the Office of Academic Advising, Frosh Council is the elected leadership of the first-year class. It consists of approximately 40 representatives from frosh dorms who work together to build class spirit, community, and a sense of belonging among their peers – primarily by organizing fun events and activities throughout the year.  Frosh Council meets weekly and representatives share out important information and opportunities to their dormmates at house meeting, thereby serving as vital communication links between the University and the first-year class.  Featured events include Frosh Formal and the annual Frosh Winter Warm-Up.