Student Life Leadership Opportunities

Student Activities Groups

Student Activities and Leadership provides numerous opportunities for students to develop their leadership abilities through student activities, student organizations, ASSU, fraternities and sororities.

Community Centers

Many community centers on campus offer undergraduates leadership opportunities through activities (such as organizing admit weekend activities, community outreach, leading group discussion or running daylong events).

Residential Staff Positions

Positions are available in everything from Peer Health Education and Resident Computing to Row House Management and Tutoring.

Vaden Health Center

Vaden Health Center has several volunteer opportunities for students interested in making a difference with the health and well-being of their peers. Opportunities include becoming a Peer Health Educator (PHE), training to be a Counselor at the Sexual Health Peer Resource Center (SHPRC), or working at the Bridge.

Working with Incoming Students

Stanford offers several leadership opportunities for students interested in interacting with prospective students and new incoming freshmen.

Student Leadership Society

The Student Leadership Society provides selected students with hands-on leadership experience through planning and executing class identity and alumni networking events.