Acceptance Requirements for All Grant Awardees

If your Undergraduate Research Student Grant proposal is accepted, you must complete a list of acceptance requirements to ensure that you receive your funds in a timely manner. It is important to understand that while a proposal might be accepted, funding is not awarded (fully disbursed) unless your assigned acceptance requirements have been completed by the given deadline.

The nature of your project will dictate the needed acceptance requirements. Please be sure to check the Grant Application Portal to see which acceptance requirements apply to your individual project.

Undergraduate Research reserves the right to delay or rescind funding if assigned acceptance requirements are not completed.

Additional Acceptance Requirements

If your project involves working with human subjects, you must upload your official Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval letter to the Grant Application Portal. Submit the PDF of the IRB official document with the Stanford seal watermark. Your name must appear on the IRB Protocol. Please do not submit an email or any other informal correspondence.

If your IRB protocol is not ready to submit, contact for advice on how to proceed. Please provide all the information you have about the current state of your IRB application. Be aware that the offer of funding may expire if you do not submit your IRB approval letter in a timely manner.

Questions regarding the status of your IRB should be directed to

If you are awarded funds for Human Subjects-account transfer or a Faculty-account transfer, you will need to communicate with your department's Financial Administrator responsible for your Faculty Mentor's accounts to confirm the appropriate PTA number and to ensure that you are also providing information that the Financial Administrator needs in order to assist you. The Financial Administrator might have a title such as “Financial Analyst”, “Department Manager”, or “Lab Manager.” Confer with your Faculty Mentor and/or their assistant to locate the correct individual. The PTA you provide should be an unrestricted Operating or Designated PTA (awards ending from AAAAA-FZZZZ). To complete this step, enter your PTA and the name of the financial administrator you are working with into the Grant Application Portal. If you or your financial administrator have any questions, please contact

If you have been awarded both a Faculty transfer and a Human Subjects transfer, please note that this will require two separate PTAs.

Your award may be contingent upon completing certain course requirements. These courses are meant to train you in either the subject matter or the methodology of your project. If you indicated in your application that you would be completing certain courses to prepare you for your project, or if the grant award committee requested that you complete certain courses as part of your acceptance, you must enroll in these courses at the next available opportunity in order to receive your funding.

If you did not provide a field contact letter during the application process, you must provide one now. Your Field Contact letter(s) should be a brief note that includes the following:

  1. Show the date that the letter was received from your contact.
  2. Indicates access to a research resource and clearly state what that resource is.
  3. Shows the contact information (phone & email) for the individual who will be serving as an emergency contact for you while you are in the field.

If multiple letters are requested please upload these in a single document.

Each of the following opportunities represents significant time commitments and is intended to support a unique student's full-time effort on a project. Students may not accept more than one of the following in a single academic year:

  • Major Grant
  • Chappell Lougee Scholarship
  • Haas Summer Fellowship
  • Departmental Grant-supported summer research position
  • Faculty Grant-supported summer research position
  • Faculty Grant-supported summer research position
  • Other full-time summer fellowship or internship