Develop a Mentor Relationship

Infographic showing a cycle of 4 steps to maintaining faculty mentorship: 1, meet with mentor; 2, act on mentor's suggestions; 3, synthesize your research experience with your coursework and extracurriculars; and 4, prepare for your next meeting

A good relationship with a faculty mentor is the cornerstone of all successful undergraduate research and independent projects. 

Finding a Research Mentor

  • Identify faculty whose disciplinary interests align with yours.
  • Prepare to meet with faculty by reading their website profiles, reading their recent publications, attending their talks, and developing a list of questions about their work.
  • Set up a meeting with the faculty, either by emailing them or attending their office hours

Working with Faculty on Long Term Projects

Set up a regular schedule of meetings with your project mentor. Always come prepared to meetings with questions and updates. In your meetings, ask for feedback and direction for next steps--then follow through with your mentor's suggestions before your next meeting. 

As your project progresses, you might need to ask for a letter of recommendation from your mentor. Note that all UAR student grant applications require at least one faculty mentor letter of support.