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As Stanford's COVID-19 response continues to evolve, VPUE Undergraduate Research is thoughtfully considering the implications of the 4-quarter system, limited campus access, and travel restrictions on undergraduate research for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please continue to check this webpage for our news and updates.

Research, arts, and senior synthesis projects of all disciplines can make use of Undergraduate Research Student Grants. Student Grants support student-driven, independent, original scholarly projects under the guidance of a Faculty Mentor. Be sure to check our eligibility requirements, then use the information below to help you decide on the type of grant to apply for. Finally, visit Go Apply for more details on application procedures.

What type of Student Grant is best for your needs?

First, Get Focused and learn more about how we distinguish between research, arts, and senior synthesis projects, and how you can develop your own project ideas. Then, to decide which kind of grant is the best match for your project, consider the funding needs and time commitment of your project.

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Eligibility Requirements for All Applicants

Read carefully our eligibility requirements for all VPUE Undergraduate Student Grants. In addition to our general eligibility criteria, each grant type has its own guidelines. Please explore each grant page below for more details.

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