Papers and Presentations

Presenting at a conference provides many opportunities to professionalize your work

  • Develop the skill to write succinctly about your work in a compelling way.
  • Receive valuable feedback on your presentation.
  • Learn about the latest developments in your field or discipline.
  • Meet your peers and other researchers from different schools and learn about possible graduate programs.

Talk to your faculty mentor about submitting abstracts to appropriate conferences in your field.

Undergraduate Research Student Grants support students presenting their work at peer reviewed scholarly conferences. Learn more about Undergraduate Research Conference Grants here.


Publishing a paper

Complete your independent project by writing a research paper, for possible submission to journals at Stanford or outside Stanford. You may also consider presenting your work in more accessible forms in newspapers, magazines, radio, and on the web.

Seek recommendations from your faculty mentor about the appropriate outlet for your work.

Consider the opportunities for publication offered by the Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal and other student journals on campus.