Apply to Present at SURPS/ASURPS

2020-21 Symposium of Undergraduate Research & Public Service (SURPS)

**Due to COVID-19 restrictions and impacts, neither Reunion Homecoming Weekend nor the Symposium of Undergraduate Research and Public Service (SURPS) will take place as expected in the Fall quarter. We are sad not to host our usual event, but the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty, and staff must take the highest priority.


Please be aware of the following dates prior to submitting your application:

  1. Application Opens - CANCELED
  2. Application Deadline - CANCELED
  3. Faculty Endorsement(s) Due - CANCELED
  4. SURPS Event Proper - CANCELED

In addition to basic student contact and academic information, applications must include the following:

  1. Project Title. Your title should state clearly the main idea of your project and should be understandable by more than specialists in your particular field. This will be printed in the SURPS/ASURPS program of presentations, to be distributed to all audience members.
  2. Faculty Advisor(s). An eligible faculty member who mentored your project must visit the Grant Application Portal and indicate your readiness to present your research or creative work. This does not require a formal recommendation letter. Instead, there will be space provided for any short comments your mentor may have. Public Service Fellowship and Community Service Work-Study presentations require endorsement by a Haas Center staff advisor.
  3. Abstract, Project Summary, or Creative Statement. The center of your application materials (approximately 250-word statement) should present a succinct overview of your research, creative or public service project. Abstracts are generally used in the natural sciences, engineering and social sciences; summaries in the humanities; and creative statements in the creative arts. For public service projects, include the name and mission of the organization with which you worked. Also include the population you served and how you did so, and what the organization, community or you gained from the experience. Abstracts, summaries, and creative statements may appear in SURPS/ASURPS print and/or online publications.
  4. Statement of Project Origins (optional; can be incorporated into abstract, project, or creative statement). This statement should describe the genesis of your project, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • The development of your initial interest in the topic
    • Your early preparation for carrying out the project
    • Affiliation with faculty advisor or community partner
    • The link between your project and your overall undergraduate program and future plans.
  5. A short reflection on the project: What parts of your project experience so far have been surprising or rewarding for you? How will you share those reflections with the SURPS audience?

The written pieces may appear in SURPS/ASURPS print and/or online publications.

Applications will be judged  according to the following criteria:

  • For research and creative projects: evidence of a strong research question or focused area of inquiry, expressed in the abstract / summary / creative statement. Also sufficient background in the field of research or creative production.
  • For public service projects: evidence of a mutually beneficial fit between your background and the organization and / or community needs.
  • Clarity of expression and general organization of the abstract / summary / creative statement, the statement of project origins, and the reflection piece.
  • Progress on the project to date (note that this criterion does not exclude work in progress).
  • Endorsement of participation submitted by the faculty mentor or staff advisor for public service projects
  • Consultants at the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking and your Academic Advising Director can provide feedback on a draft of your application.
  • If you are applying for SURPS/ASURPS, Undergraduate Research will print your poster free of charge if your poster is submitted with your application. If you choose to print your poster at your own expense, there are several venues for poster printing both on and off campus. The cost of printing a poster is usually in the range of $55.00. We recommend that students consult with their department to see if the department has poster printing equipment for a reasonable fee.