Faculty & Department Grant Administration

As Stanford's COVID-19 response continues to evolve, VPUE Undergraduate Research is thoughtfully considering the implications of the 4-quarter system, limited campus access, and travel restrictions on undergraduate research for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please continue to check this webpage for our news and updates.

This webpage outlines the policies and procedures for using VPUE Departmental and Faculty Grants for Undergraduate Research. Please read carefully as policies/procedures may have changed.

Questions about the below should be directed to vpue-research@stanford.edu

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • VPUE Department/Faculty Grants only support current Stanford undergraduate students.
  • Students who are eligible for VPUE Department/Faculty Grant funding:
    • Students currently enrolled in undergraduate Stanford courses
    • Students on a Flex Term
    • Co-terms who have not conferred their undergraduate degree
  • Students who are ineligible for VPUE Department/Faculty Grant funding:
    • Students on suspension
    • Entering students taking a gap year (a gap year only happens before matriculation)
    • Students on a Leave of Absence (LOA)
    • Students paying graduate tuition
  • Grant funds cannot be disbursed, retained, or used during quarters when students are on suspension.
  • Students may only be awarded full-time funding during a Spring or Summer Flex Term - Additional details about Flex Terms and Flex Term considerations can be found below under "POLICIES FOR STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN FULL-TIME RESEARCH".
  • Students must retain an active undergraduate status throughout the period of the project in which they are participating.
  • Students may not receive both academic units and a stipend for any single project activity.
  • VPUE does not use a GPA requirement for student eligibility, nor does VPUE encourage the use of GPA as a criterion for inclusion in a research opportunity.
  • Further details about 20-21 Undergrad Enrollment Options available to undergraduates have been provided here


    • Availability: Full-time opportunities can only be offered during the Spring and/or Summer Quarter of 2020-21.
    • Time Commitment: Full-time is defined as 35+ hours per week in 10 consecutive weeks, i.e.,  it is the student's primary activity that quarter.
    • Flex Term Requirement: Students can only be awarded a full-time VPUE Department/Faculty Grant in Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 quarters by taking a Flex Term.
      • Students must have completed two full-time enrolled quarters this academic year by the time their full-time VPUE Department/Faculty Grant begins - these quarters do not have to be consecutive.
      • Students may take their Flex Term on campus in their cohort-designated quarter in Spring or Summer IF participating in an approved research project.
      • Participation in a full-time VPUE Department/Faculty Grant does not make a student eligible to live on campus during their Flex Term.
      • International students must consult with Bechtel before attempting to take a Flex Term without three quarters of full-time enrollment first.
    • Flex Term Considerations: 
      • Students should plan ahead: When applying to a full-time VPUE funded Faculty/Department Grant program, students should plan to disclose whether they plan to take their Flex Term in the Spring or Summer.  Students are expected to commit to their selected quarter and we cannot guarantee a student's stipend (or an alternate student substitution) if they change their plans after the start date of their research program.  
      • Remember: Students are only allowed 1 Flex Term per academic year.  University policy states that they must have enrolled full-time in (2) quarters of the current academic year before they can use their Flex Term for a full-time research opportunity.
        • If a student wants to participate in a full-time VPUE Faculty/Department project in Spring 2021, they must be enrolled full-time in Autumn and Winter
        • If a student wants to participate in a full-time VPUE Faculty/Department project in Summer 2021, they must be enrolled full-time in at least 2 quarters out of Autumn, Winter, or Spring (does not have to be consecutive quarters)
    • Outside Commitments and Concurrent Course Enrollment: 
      • Other Stanford funding: A student may only receive one full-time Stanford-funded experiential learning opportunity in the 2020-21 academic year
        • Full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant student recipients are not permitted to engage in another full-time internship, job, or volunteer opportunity (whether funded by Stanford or otherwise), including but not limited to:
          • Major Grant
          • Chappell Lougee Scholarship
          • Beagle II
          • Haas Summer Fellowship/Cardinal Quarter
          • Stanford Seed
          • Departmental Grant-supported summer research position
          • Faculty Grant-supported summer research position
          • Other full-time summer fellowship or internship
        • The above opportunities represent a significant time commitment and are intended to support a student’s unique full-time effort on a project
    • Students may not receive both academic units and a stipend for any single project activity.
    • Students are permitted to enroll in up to five units of coursework during the Flex Term in which they are engaging in a full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant project
    • Full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant recipients are permitted to work at an additional internship, job, or volunteer position for no more than 10 hours per week 
    • While full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant recipients are permitted to work at an additional 10 hours per week, these additional hours cannot be funded with an alternate VPUE Department/Faculty Grant 
    • Students who receive a full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant cannot enroll in five units and work 10 hours per week during a Flex Term synchronously


    • Availability: Part-time research opportunities may be offered to students during any quarter.
    • Time Commitment: A part-time is defined as up to 10 hours per week or an opportunity equivalent in scope to a 3-unit independent study.
    • Students who chose to participate in a part-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant opportunity may either be enrolled full-time or taking their Flex term, but they may not be on Leave of Absence.
    • Students may not receive both academic units and a stipend for any single project activity.
    • Participation in a part-time opportunity by an unenrolled student (i.e., a student in their Flex term) does not make the student eligible to live on campus.
    • Please note that violations of Undergraduate Research policies are also violations of the Fundamental Standard and may be referred to the Office of Community Standards
    • Students who fail to abide by the policies as set forth by Undergraduate Research, The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and Stanford University will have low priority for future Undergraduate Research funding opportunities
    • Undergraduate Research reserves the right to rescind a student's awarded funding at any given point and time should they be apprised of any policy violations as outlined above or as listed on student's signed Contract.

    Student Contract

    As a means to comply with set policies and to preserve the rights of departments, faculty, and their research programs, all students who are being supported with VPUE funds are now required to complete a Student Contract and Waiver prior to participating in an individual VPUE funded department/program. 

    **In addition to the listed policies as issued by VPUE, departments, programs, or faculty mentors may elect to add more restrictive policies to the Student Contract, as they deem appropriate.**

    Student Stipends

    • An individual student's stipend for a part-time project should total $1,500. 
    • An individual student's stipend for a full-time project will be designed to support a student for the duration of a 10-week project. Additional details about the dynamic stipend overview can be found below. 

    All stipends are processed by Undergraduate Research through the Financial Aid Office. No payroll charges are allowed. Undergraduate Research cannot process stipend requests which are not tied directly to VPUE awarded funds nor can we process requests to be charged to a non-VPUE PTA. 

    • Departments and Faculty who have applied for and received funds from VPUE must complete a Stipend Request Roster via a private Google Drive (provided by Undergraduate Research). 
    • All students supported through the grant must be identified.
    • For programs to be fully considered for future funding increases, programs must furthermore identify:
    1. Students who are participating in the program but are funded by a non-VPUE source.
    2. Students who wished to participate but were turned away without funding.

    The deadlines for quarterly rosters are as follows:

    • Fall quarter rosters must be received by January 31, 2021.
    • Winter quarter rosters must be received by March 1, 2021.
    • Spring quarter rosters (for full-time Spring Stipends only) must be received by March 1, 2021.
    • Spring quarter rosters must be received by May 1, 2021.
    • Summer quarter rosters must be received by May 1, 2021. 

    Any funds not allocated to a specific identified student by May 1st may be reallocated by Undergraduate Research to another department or program. After May 1st, Undergraduate Research will release additional funds (if available) to programs that have identified students who applied to participate but were initially turned away.  

    If a student's participation does not meet expectations, contact vpue-research@stanford.edu so that we can discuss remedies with the student and mentor involved. Students who do not participate fully in the research training opportunity may be asked to return unused grant funds to Undergraduate Research so that they may be made available to another student. 


    VPUE's stipends for Full-Time Undergraduate Research Grants (including Major Grants, Chappell Lougee Scholarships, and stipends funded by VPUE Departmental and Faculty Grants) will be calculated for each individual student as the sum of three components. This change is intended to direct additional resources to the projects and students that need them most; no student participating in an on-campus project will receive less than in previous years, and most students with high financial need will receive more.



    Core Stipend1


    Need-based supplement, based on information from the Financial Aid Office2

    Up to $1500, depending on the Financial Aid Office's assessment

    Location-based supplement, based on where the student will live when the funded project takes place

    $0 for remote projects3

    $1250 for projects at a domestic field site

    $2500 for projects at an international field

    $2500 for projects taking place on campus

    1 The core stipend is intended to help support basic living expenses, basic project expenses, and student earnings expectations (if any).  

    2 Students who wish to be considered for the need-based supplement must give VPUE permission to ask the Financial Aid Office for an assessment of the student's financial need. No actual financial information is revealed to VPUE, and students do not need to contact the Financial Aid Office directly. 

    3 "Remote" means the project does not depend on any particular location, and that the student is able to work on the project while living at home.



    • **NOTE: Student stipends can take up to three weeks to process from the date listed in the "Date Processed" column in your Department/Faculty roster.
    • For students who are unable to locate their stipend, we encourage Faculty and Staff to review and redirect students to the Student Account Navigation Guide to assist students when reviewing their account.
    • If Axess does not reflect the student's stipend, the student should be redirected to the Student Services Center (SSC). There could be a number of reasons as to why the student has yet to receive their stipend and the SSC will have more insights than the Undergraduate Research Team.
    • If the SSC is also unable to locate the stipend, please email vpue-research@stanford.edu.

    Non-Stipend Expenses (Programming Funds)

    Grant funds are sometimes awarded for non-stipend expenses such as Programming Funds in support of student cohort community-building.  When awarded, such funds will be transferred in one transaction to a qualifying PTA administered by the relevant department, program, or center.  Subsequent transactions will be the responsibility of departmental staff, and must be clearly related to the purpose(s) outlined in the award notification. A guide with additional instructions will be provided to awarded departments with their initial award letter.

    Year End Reporting for Non-Stipend Expenses

    All awarded departments should plan to provide a system-generated financial report on the use of these funds when applying in the subsequent year, no later than October 31st for activity concluded by August 31st. When generating the report, Undergraduate Research recommends using the following report in Oracle:

    • OBI CER "Monthly Expenditure Details Statement" report
    • "All Detail" View

    Unspent programming funds will either be transferred back to Undergraduate Research or will be deducted from subsequent-year awards. 


    Undergraduate Research is not in a position to answer questions about how/if student grants might affect taxes. Students who receive stipends should consult with Student Financial Services (SFS) and the IRS about scholarships and grants which are received.