Faculty & Department Grant Administration

This webpage outlines the policies and procedures for using VPUE Departmental and Faculty Grants for Undergraduate Research. Please read carefully as policies/procedures may have changed.

Questions about the below should be directed to vpue-research@stanford.edu

Student Eligibility


  • Grants may only support current Stanford undergraduates.
  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled in undergraduate studies in the quarter when they apply for the grant and carry an undergraduate status throughout the period of their project.
  • Students receiving support during the academic year must be enrolled in undergraduate studies for all quarters in which they receive support. 
  • Students receiving support during the Summer must be enrolled in undergraduate studies for both the preceding Spring quarter and the following Fall quarter. 
  • Students may not use grant funds while on a Leave of Absence from Stanford.

GPA Requirements

  • VPUE does not use a GPA requirement for student eligibility, nor does VPUE encourage the use of GPA as a criterion for inclusion in a research opportunity.

Academic Units and Other Work Commitments

  • Students may not receive both academic units and a stipend for any single project activity. 
  • Students receiving full summer stipends may not register for more than five (5) units of summer coursework.
  • Students receiving full summer stipends may not work for more than 10 hours per week outside of their project experience.
  • The expectation should be for students to only take one full-time 10-week summer project (this includes summer projects external to those supported with VPUE funds). Each of the following opportunities represents significant time commitments and is intended to support a student's unique full-time effort on a project. Students may not accept more than one of the following in a single academic year:
    • Major Grant
    • Chappell Lougee Scholarship
    • Beagle II
    • Haas Summer Fellowship
    • Departmental Grant-supported summer research position
    • Faculty Grant-supported summer research position
    • Other full-time summer fellowship or internship

Funding Caps

To allow students to participate in a broad range of research opportunities across campus, Undergraduate Research has removed the $9000 funding cap which previously applied to any combination of VPUE grants and research awards from VPUE-funded departments or individual faculty members. While the funding cap has been removed our expectation is still for students to only take on a single full-time summer project. 

Student Contract

As a means to comply with set policies and to preserve the rights of departments, faculty, and their research programs, all students who are being supported with VPUE funds are now required to complete a Student Contract prior to participating in an individual VPUE funded department/program. 

**In addition to the listed policies as issued by VPUE, departments, programs, or faculty mentors may elect to add more restrictive policies to the Student Contract, as they deem appropriate.**


Undergraduate Research is not in a position to answer questions about how/if student grants might affect taxes. Students who receive stipends should consult with Student Financial Services (SFS) and the IRS about scholarships and grants which are received.

Student Stipends

All stipends are processed by Undergraduate Research through the Financial Aid Office. No payroll charges are allowed. Student stipends may be used for travel or living expenses as appropriate to the project in question. An individual student's stipend should total $7,500 for a full time 10-week summer commitment. 

  • Departments and Faculty who have applied for and received funds from VPUE must complete a Stipend Request Roster via a private Google Drive (provided by Undergraduate Reseaerch). 
  • All students supported through the grant must be identified.
  • Programs must furthermore identify:
  1. Students who are participating in the program but are funded by a non-VPUE source.
  2. Students who wished to participate but were turned away without funding.

The deadlines for quarterly rosters is as follows:

  • Fall quarter rosters must be received by January 31, 2019.
  • Winter quarter rosters must be received by March 1, 2020.
  • Spring quarter rosters must be received by May 1, 2020.
  • Summer quarter rosters must be received by May 1, 2020. 

Any funds not allocated to a specific identified student by May 1st may be reallocated by Undergraduate Research to another department or program. After May 1st, Undergraduate Research will release additional funds (if available) to programs that have identified students who applied to participate but were initially turned away. 

Undergraduate Research cannot process stipend request to be charged to a non-VPUE PTA. 

If a student's participation does not meet expectations, contact vpue-research@stanford.edu so that we can discuss remedies with the student and mentor involved. Students who do not participate fully in the research training opportunity may be asked to return unused grant funds to Undergraduate Research so that they may be made available to another student. 

Non-Stipend Expenses

Grant funds are sometimes awarded for non-stipend expenses such as programming in support of student cohort community-building.  When awarded, such funds will be transfered in one transaction to a qualifying PTA administered by the relevant department, program, or center.  Subsequent transactions will be the responsibility of departmental staff, and must be clearly related to the purpose(s) outlined in the award notification. A guide with additional instructions will be provided to awarded departments with their initial award letter.

Year End Reporting for Non-Stipend Expenses

All awarded departments should plan to provide a system-generated financial report on the use of these funds prior to any re-application in the subsequent year, no later than October 31st for activity concluded by August 31st. This report should be submitted directly to Undergraduate Research via (vpue-research@stanford.edu). When generating the report, Undergraduate Research recommends using the following report in Oracle:

  • OBI CER "Monthly Expenditure Details Statement" report
  • "All Detail" View

Unspent programming funds will either be transferred back to Undergraduate Research or will be deducted from subsequent-year awards.