Angela Harris

Angela Harris


Angela Harris is a postdoctoral lecturer in the Thinking Matters program at Stanford. Angela teaches in the following Freshmen Thinking Matters courses: ‘Meeting the Global Sustainability Challenge’ and ‘Thinking through Africa: Perspectives on health, wealth, and well-being’. Angela Harris received her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. She also received her Master’s in Environmental Engineering from Stanford, and prior to her graduate work, Angela received her B. S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Angela conducts research related to water, sanitation, and child health in developing countries. Her dissertation work sought to better understand fecal contamination in household living environments in low income countries, particularly examining contamination in water and on hands, floors, toys, and foods. In addition to her expertise in measuring microbiological contamination in environmental samples, Angela has extensive experience in developing survey questionnaires and conducting structured observations at the household level as a part of research studies in Tanzania, Kenya, and Bangladesh.

Alongside her work in environmental engineering, Angela conducts research related to education, particularly in the engineering fields. Currently her work related to education seeks to better understand student career choices and institutional support for students in career development and career preparation. She also works on better understanding undergraduate engineering student interests and development related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

In her free time, Angela loves spending time outdoors, particularly hiking, kayaking, camping, and snorkeling.