Christina Mesa

Christina Mesa

Academic Advising Director, Undergraduate Advising and Research

Lecturer, American Studies


Christina Mesa has served as an Academic Advising Director for Undergraduate Advising and Research, part of the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, since the program began in 2004. She works with students on choosing courses and majors, connecting to faculty, getting involved in research, requesting exceptions to University policy, and managing academics in the context of difficult situations.

Christina began her career with Stanford’s Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education teaching for Introduction to the Humanities (1998-9) and Structured Liberal Education (SLE), a residentially based humanities program for freshman (1999-2003). She has taught at Mills College and continues to teach at Stanford in American Studies. Courses taught: include Americans in Paris, Black and White Race Relations in American Fiction and Film, Jefferson in Paris, On the Road, American Automobility in Fiction and Film, Ten Ways to Study the Car, and with Clare Whistler, Designing a Life in the Humanities: History, Literature, Print, Art, Film, Community, and Service. Christina earned her undergraduate degree in political science, and her PhD in modern thought and literature. Projects currently in progress: American History of Black and White Race Relations in Film, with Eric Roth, Routledge, forthcoming. Fugitive Flâneur: A Walking History of William Wells Brown in England and France, with Cairn Macfarland-Whistler, Moving Modernism, American Mobility and Vehicles of Change, and Nella's Solo (a black and white film).

Residences: Stern (Serra) and Oak Creek