Grievance Procedures

Academic Grievance Procedures

You have recourse if you are subjected to an improper academic decision made by a person or group acting in an official University capacity. You can choose to file an official Academic Grievance.

  • Informal resolution
    It’s best first to try to resolve it through a discussion (in writing or in person) with those responsible for the improper decision or act. If that discussion does not resolve the issue, consult the individual at the next administrative level (such as department chair or program director).
  • Filing a grievance
    If informal measures prove unsatisfactory, you can write up a formal grievance complaint. This complaint should include the subject of the dispute and the reasons why you believe that it constitutes an unfair or improper decision. In addition, you should detail the informal efforts you’ve made to that point to resolve the issue. The grievance should be filed within 30 days of the end of the quarter in which the issue arose. It should be submitted to the dean of the school in which the grievance arose.
  • Response to the grievance
    The dean will review the grievance, collect any additional relevant information and decide the grievance within 60 days after you file it.
  • Filing an appeal
    If you’re unhappy with the decision made by the dean in regard to your grievance, you may appeal in writing to the Provost. Further appeal options are available as well.

If you are considering filing an official grievance, be sure to review the more detailed grievance procedures outlined in the Stanford Bulletin: Student Academic Grievance Procedure.

Nonacademic Grievance Procedures

The purpose of the Student Nonacademic Grievance Procedure is to provide a process for students to seek resolution of disputes and grievances. This is especially true for those that may not fall within the scope of the other grievance processes. It includes those which may arise in a student’s capacity as a student-employee.

Additional information can be found in the Stanford Bulletin: Student NonAacademic Grievance Procedure

To register a Nonacademic Grievance, contact:

Director of Diversity and Access Office
Mariposa House
585 Capistrano Way
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-8230
Phone 650-723-0755
TTY 650-723-1216 Fax 650-723-1791