Rules of Love

What are three rules that you would have for yourself in love? Screenshot from THINK project,

Over the course of the class, we studied various perspectives on the 'rules of love'. For my final presentation, I decided to make a short video. In this, I asked 17-21 year olds from 10 different countries: "What are three rules that you would have for yourself in love?" When I looked closely at these videos, the results were interesting. Answers varied across genders and cultures. There were differences and similarities. While this group may not be wholly representative of modern society today, patterns emerged that provide an insight into how a diverse group of young people perceives love in our world.



COURSE: THINK 43: What is Love?

INSTRUCTORS: Kathryn Starkey, David Lummus, Kate Norako

Photo of Avani Singh
Avani Singh, '18

I am a freshman from New Delhi, India and the only child of my parents. Though unsure about what I want to major in, I am interested in Psychology and the working of the mind. I am very passionate about women issues. Four years ago, I started a non-profit, 'Ummeed' (Hope), for empowering women in the slums of Jamia, New Delhi. This endeavor has now been taken over by juniors from my high school. My other interests include golf, swimming and playing the piano. In my first quarter at Stanford, I took a Thinking Matters class called 'What is Love'. The final project for this class was an open-ended creative project for which I made this video.