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Six large bronze sculptures of robed men, the Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin with an arched arcade in the background.
Melissa Stevenson

Once upon a time, I was a Stanford undergraduate.

I was the first in my family to go to a four-year college (I jokingly referred to it as “sleep away college”), I understood very little about university culture (what are office hours anyway?), and was baffled by the rules, regulations, and norms that everyone else seemed to just effortlessly know off hand.

Transitioning Well

Photo of Cindy Ng talking onstage in front of a banner that reads "Asian American Activities Center Welcome"
Cindy Ng

An incoming freshman and her mother entered the Asian American Activities Center (A3C) Ballroom, looking tentative. The student turned to speak to her mother. I caught what sounded like Toisanese, a dialect of Cantonese spoken by early immigrants from Guangdong, China. The same dialect I speak. It was freshman orientation and I was hosting the A3C’s Community Welcome. I greeted the student and her mother in Toisanese. The mother, who did not speak English, smiled broadly and immediately began talking to me in our native language.

Create your Stanford Tapestry

Student sitting at a desk talking with an advisor
Alice Petty

I love helping students discover their Stanford. The alchemy of weaving a unique tapestry of coursework and co-curricular experiences is at the heart of what it means to be a Stanford student. Throughout your time here, you’ll navigate this place by setting goals, making choices, and reflecting on your path not just once, but in many iterations as you learn and grow. It’s transformational, and it doesn’t end at graduation.

This Magical Place

Photo credit: Linda A. Cicero
Imee Diego Dubose

Rich in history, Stanford University provides an idyllic environment to elevate your lifelong learning. As a student, you now hold the key to learn from the past, enjoy the present and shape the future. 525,600 minutes multiplied by four years gives you ample time to not only get to know Stanford’s main campus but also Stanford around the world. Leaving home after 18 years or so is full of mixed emotions - you’re ready to move on yet not ready to leave behind the familiar and your loved ones.

Why I Chose Theater Instead of Science

Jane Casamajor

I love science.  I love learning about how the world works and using answers to find new questions.  I spent all of high school and college focused on learning about science.  Then, in college, I learned that real science, experimental science from the ground up, is slow and often you don’t get those answers until decades into the process.  So, I took my honors degree in Anthropology and Zoology and my membership in Sigma Xi, the scientific research honors society, and I turned to my other love, theater.

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