Understanding Great Mental Health Hospitals

Ashworth Hospital sign

The precise goal of this Senior Synthesis project was to research and study the world’s best mental health institutions in order to later redesign suicide prevention methods in the United States. Ariela has been deeply passionate about suicide prevention and mental health since her freshman year at Stanford. After working independently and in the d. school on this passion, she learned that she needed to better understand extremely successful mental health initiatives before she could redesign rehabs, mental wards, or education systems herself. England has been recognized as one of the best countries in the world for mental healthcare. The UAR Major Grant gave Ariela the opportunity to study, analyze, and interview people working on mental health initiatives in the UK, working at and learning from Liverpool-based Mersey Care Trust Mental Wards and Hospitals, recognized as the world’s most innovative mental health institution in the world.

Ariela Safira

Ariela Safira is a senior (class of 2017) at Stanford majoring in Math and Computational Science with a minor in Studio Art, and Honors in Product Design, under the advisement of Professor David Kelley. She is deeply passionate about mental health and suicide prevention, and is focusing her senior thesis on the design and architecture of mental health facilities so that she can redesign healing spaces in the US and lower the US suicide rate.