Undergraduate Programs

About Undergraduate Programs

Stanford offers a wide range of programs throughout the academic year and summer.


Introductory Seminars offer you the opportunity to work with faculty who are experts in their fields with classmates who are equally passionate about the topic.

Learn more about your first- and second-year writing requirements and opportunities.

Education as Self-Fashioning is a unique opportunity offered only in the autumn quarter, since its aim is to introduce entering students to a liberal education.

WAYS icons.

Hundreds of courses manifest the eight WAYS across a broad range of subjects and disciplines. As the breadth component of Stanford's General Education, these courses complement the depth of study in your major.

LSP Preceptors

Planning to study in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) or pre-health fields? Leland Scholars was created to help you with the transition to college for these fields.

Frosh 101 / Transfer 101 is a discussion style course designed to support first-year and transfer students' transition to Stanford’s dynamic campus.

Students Eating With Faculty

Sophomore College is a three-week residential summer program during which second-year students in seminars of 12-15 students engage in intense academic exploration.

Student Making Art

Think you can’t possibly fit an arts class into your schedule? Arts Intensive allows you the opportunity to study in an arts discipline during a three-week summer program

Bing Honors College Logo

Bing Honors College (BHC) is a three-week program in early September for students actively engaged in researching and drafting their honors theses.


You should give serious consideration to studying overseas. Regardless of the academic path you choose, you will be enriched by time spent in another country.

Painting of Earth

The Community Engaged Learning team is a partnership between the Haas Center for Public Service and the Center for Teaching and Learning (Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education).

NYC Skyline

Ever wonder how the art world functions behind the scenes? Interested in the architecture and design of one of the great cities of the world? Would you like to experience firsthand how nonprofit and governmental organizations confront some of our most pressing urban issues?