Arts Intensive Courses 2021


All courses engage students in the theory and practice of a particular artistic discipline.  Students live on campus during the program in a designated Stanford residence. Because of its immersive nature, Arts Intensive fosters a rich environment of collaboration among students who share a passion for the arts.

Enrollment and Credit

Students receive 2 units of credit in their Arts Intensive course. Credit will be earned in the lead instructor's home department if the course is interdisciplinary. After students confirm acceptance into the seminar, they will receive notice on how to register for the summer course.  The instructor determines the grade option for AI courses (Letter, Letter or S/NC, S/NC). Many courses fulfill the Creative Expression (CE) requirement.

Arts Intensive Courses

Kevin B. Chen

A close up of a shiny silver metal belt on the waist of a student.
Mechanical Engineering

Amanda Knox Sather
Sara Shaughnessy

Art & Art History

Jamie Meltzer

Pianos sit in a classroom

Marie-Louise Catsalis

Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity

Gina Hernandez Clarke

Art & Art History

Adam Tobin