New York Still

2018 Course Information


The first part of the course will take place in New York City and have students engage in activities and exercises that will stimulate their creative sensibility through immersion in this unique urban  environment. They will form small groups and spend time around various designated sites (such as monuments, cafés, parks, exhibition spaces), with the purpose of reflecting and generating ideas through journaling (both freely and in response to a set of questions), and observing and capturing their surroundings with DSLR cameras. They will learn to operate manual camera settings (focus, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance), implement basic file management skills and use Adobe Lightroom software. They will also go on excursions to museum shows and gallery exhibits and on studio visits with artists, all of which will contribute to their experience of NYC as one of the world's most prominent centers of contemporary art photography. Back at Stanford, students will process the material they shot in New York by making digital (black and white) prints. They will learn to operate 17”-wide Epson digital printers, print digital proof sheets, and evaluate prints, correct files and re-print. 

This course fulfills the Creative Expression (CE) requirement.

Meet the Instructor(s)

Jonathan Calm

Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

A native New Yorker, Jonathan Calm is a visual artist in the media of photography and video whose work combines as well as challenges the aesthetic and ideological tenets of architecture, documentary journalism and sculpture. A central theme of his work is the relationship between photography and urban architecture, and the powerful role of images in the way architectural constructs shape the lives of individuals and communities.