Accessible and Affordable

Program Cost

The program fee for participation in Arts Intensive is $750 and will be included in your university bill after you register for the class. 

Arts Intensive reflects Stanford’s commitment to undergraduate education. Through the generosity of Stanford donors, all participating students receive an $650 scholarship, reducing the program fee from $1,400 to $750.  The fee covers tuition, room, board, books, and class-required travel arranged by the program. Transcripts are not included in the review process; selection into the program is based solely on the application essay.

Note:  Students are also responsible for travel to campus (or the off-campus site for some off-campus seminars), phone, network activation fees, and other personal expenses.

Financial Aid

  • All students will be automatically considered for financial support with the program fee unless students choose to opt out by emailing Financial need will have absolutely no impact on selection of students for a course.
  • The Financial Aid Office determines, based on need, whether students are eligible to receive a half-waiver of $375, or a full waiver covering the full $750 program fee.  
  • Financial support awards will be visible in the application system by the time admission decisions are released. Applicants can review their award amount before committing to participate, by accessing their application at
  • AI financial support is directly applied to the student account after the program fee is billed and counts only against the program fee.

Costs Not Covered by Program Fee 

  • As during the regular academic year, students are responsible for the cost of travel to campus, or to the designated meeting location for seminars originating off-campus. 
  • Phone and network activation fees, course materials other than the supplied books, and personal expenses are also student responsibilities. While all course-required group trips and meals are covered, incidentals such as optional excursions, clothing and tolietries, and souvenirs from field trips would be considered personal expenses.
  • Although the AI program fee covers the cost of room and board during the AI program dates, students would be responsible for paying any fees related to lockouts or lost keysdamages, and unauthorized guests in your room.

Understanding your Bill


  • May 2020: Arts Intensive registration period. Don’t be alarmed if registering for your AI course immediately triggers the $1,400 program fee to appear on your university account. Even if the fee appears on your account, this is not your official bill for Arts Intensive fees. However, you are responsible for paying any other fees on your account in accordance to existing University billing deadlines.  
  • June 2020: You are officially billed for Arts Intensive program fees.  
  • June-July 2020: Financial assistance credits are applied to student accounts. All students will receive a $650 scholarship, reducing the program fee from $1,400 to $750.  The credit will appear on your account as “Anticipated Aid”. “Anticipated Aid” is considered “paid”. Check to see the status of any additional financial assistance to help defray the remaining $750 program fee at All financial assistance credits will be applied to student accounts on a rolling basis between June-July 14, before the final billing due date.
  • July 2020: Remaining Arts Intensive Program fees are due.

Early Arrival

  • Your university bill in August will show charges for early arrival – DON'T WORRY, you are NOT responsible for paying it.
  • Arts Intensive covers Early Arrival charges, and your account will receive a credit for the charges in early September. The credit will appear in your account as “anticipated aid”.  “Anticipated Aid” is considered “paid” so please IGNORE the due date of September 15 for this portion of your bill. You ARE still responsible for paying any other items on your bill by the September 15 due date.
  • Please contact us at if the “Anticipated Aid” does not appear on your official bill by September 9.