Arts Intensive Campus Dining

Arts Intensive 2020

Arrillaga Dining Commons is the assigned dining hall for Arts Intensive; it is the only Stanford dining hall where Arts Intensive covers student meals through to the start of fall dining contract on September 18, 2020.  Some fall housing, including some fraternity/sorority houses and row houses, may not begin dining service until the first day of Autumn Quarter. Students are responsible for their own meals when dorm dining contracts begin September 18.

If your seminar includes travel, check with your seminar for more information about for off-campus dining; as with any travel, dining options are often restricted and accommodations that are possible by Stanford Dining may not be available. If you have specific dining requirements, plan for yourself as you would for any other travel event.

Monday-Friday Dining Hours for 2020

Breakfast: 7:00am-9:30am

Lunch: 11:00am-2:00pm

Dinner: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Saturday and Sunday Dining Hours for 2020

Brunch: 10:30am-1pm

Dinner: 5pm-7pm


On the following dates, you will not be able to have lunch or dinner at the Arrillaga Dining Hall. Your meal will be provided at the events.

Opening Dinner

Monday, August 31

4-7 pm, Anderson Collection, 314 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA

Food Truck Move-Out 

Friday, September 11

5-8 pm, Wilbur Field, on Bowdoin Lane between Arguello Way and Wilbur Way

You will receive a food truck coupon once you have turned in your AI key!

Showcase Dinner

Thursday, September 17

4-7 pm, Roble Gym Complex, 375 Santa Teresa St, Stanford, CA