Arts Intensive Campus Housing

Residential Life

You will live in a residence hall with your classmates and your Arts Intensive Program Assistants (AIPAs).  All AI courses are within the same dorm complex for the first two weeks of the program.


August 30, 12-5pm: Arts Intensive student check-in. Location to be posted, check back in late August for check-in locations!

(AIPA check-in: August 27, 1-5pm)

  • Arts Intensive students are housed in Crothers Hall from August 30 - September 11. Students are assigned a roommate and live in doubles. Room and roommate assignments are provided upon arrival at check-in. AIPAs will live on the floor with their students whenever possible and are assigned singles.   
  • Students move into their fall housing assignment on September 11, and a Food Truck dinner coupon will be provided to students on this day.

Housing Fees

Although the program fee covers the cost of room and board during the AI program dates, you are responsible for paying any fees, in cash, related to lockouts or lost keysdamages, and unauthorized guests in your room.

Early Arrival Housing Fees

  • Your university bill in August will show charges for early arrival – DON'T WORRY, you are NOT responsible for paying it.
  • AI covers Early Arrival charges, and your account will receive a credit for the charges in early September.   The credit will appear in your account as “anticipated aid”.  “Anticipated Aid” is considered “paid” so please IGNORE the due date of September 15 for this portion of your bill. You ARE still responsible for paying any other items on your bill by the September 15 due date.
  • Please contact us at if the “Anticipated Aid” does not appear on your official bill by September 8.       

Housing Accommodations

If you indicate a housing OAE accommodation, we will confirm your accommodation needs directly with OAE.  Arts Intensive will make every attempt to address accommodation requests confirmed by OAE in advance of the program start.                                                      

Dorm Resources and Responsibilities

  • The Laundry Room is in the basement of your respective dorms. You can access it from any of the stairwells to the basement. You do not need to bring quarters; laundry services are included.
  • Maintenance emergencies: Call 650-725-1602
  • If you drive a vehicle to campus you will need to contact Parking and Transportation Services to find out how to secure the best parking permit that will meet your needs.
  • Bikes must be parked and locked in the racks provided by your dorm. For safety reasons, do not park in corridors, entry halls, common areas or on the sidewalks. If your bike is found in the hallways, fire and safety hazard codes necessitate their immediate removal without warning.