Proposing an Arts Intensive Course

We encourage you to develop your Arts Intensive course so that it may fulfill the Creative Expression (WAYS) Breadth requirement. Syllabi for new AI courses are due in January.

Interested in proposing an Arts Intensive course? 

We begin to recruit instructors and consider course ideas in October and November each year.   Contact us at if you would like to learn more or propose a course idea.

Proposing a Returning Course?

You can submit a proposal from a previously-taught course online.


Submit a Returning Course


Overview of Dates

  • Course  Proposals  Accepted: Ongoing
  • Instructor Hire Letters: February
  • Arts Intensive Program Assistant (AIPA) Applications: February-March
  • Instructor review and selection of AIPAs: March
  • Student Applications: March
  • Instructor review and selection of students: April
  • Spring Meetings: May
  • First day of class: First Tuesday in September

Current AI Instructors and Courses

Important Dates

AI Logo

August 30 - September 18, 2020



January 31:  Course descriptions, syllabus, and enrollment cap due.  Course revisions or edits for Returning Faculty also due.

February: Student Staff Recruitment

March 2: Texbook Titles and other course materials due

March 9: Student staff selections due (Available online at Faculty Review of Student Staff Applications or via email

April 7: Student Application Deadline

April 27: Faculty enrollment selections due. Review of  Student Applications is Available online (Link for faculty review of student applications)

Mid May:  Course Meetings

August 31: First Day of AI Class

September 17, 2020: Arts Intensive Showcase

Program Dates

Student Arrival Date: August 30, 2020, Noon-5:00PM

AI Dorm Meeting: 7 pm

Classes Begin: August 31, 2020 (check with faculty for time)

AI Opening Event: August 31, 2020, 4:00PM

Students and AIPAs Move to their On-Campus Fall Housing Assignments: September 12, 2020

AI Showcase and Program Ends: September 17, 2020

Stanford University First Day of Classes: September 21, 2020