Australia Highlights

Student Profile - Sierra Garcia
“The heavy emphasis on hands-on fieldwork and outdoor learning in Australia is unmatched by any other BOSP program. I love the outdoors and study ocean science, so studying abroad in Australia was a no-brainer for me.”

Student Profile - Japsimran Kaur
"Many of the classes in Australia also count for upper division units for my major, Human Biology. All of these factors, the opportunity to travel to multiple cities, to step outside of my comfort zone, and get credit for my major, helped me choose BOSP in Australia."

Academic Prerequisites

Students should have completed BIO 35N, BIOHOPK 43, BIO 46, BIO 47, BIO 81/BIOHOPK 81, BIO 101, BIO 105A, BIO 115, or HUMBIO 2A or the equivalent for a letter grade prior to their enrollment. 
Please contact Kevin Arrigo with questions about specific academic preparation that might serve as the equivalent prerequisite.
NOTE: Accepted and waitlisted students must pass a swim test to maintain eligibility for the Australia program.

About Australia

Immerse yourself in Australian culture while studying the enormous diversity of coral reefs and rainforests in Stanford’s program in Australian Coastal Studies. Ideal for students interested in environmental and ecological science and policy.