Australia Highlights

Tori Greenan:
"Australia was a big breath of fresh air (both literally and figuratively!) in my time at Stanford. I got to take a break from physics, math, and engineering and study the extremely unique ecology of the country."

Christina Morrisett:
"I studied the influence of stingray foraging on invertebrate communities in tidal flats. When stingrays feed, they flap their wings to disturb the sediment in order to dislodge invertebrates – creating “potholes” all along the tidal flat."

Academic Prerequisites
Before the beginning of the Australia program students will need to have completed ONE of the following courses: BIO 5, BIO 30, BIO 43/ BIOHOPK 43, BIO 101 or HUMBIO 2A

About Australia

Immerse yourself in Australian culture while studying the enormous diversity of coral reefs and rainforests in Stanford’s program in Australian Coastal Studies. Ideal for students interested in environmental and ecological science and policy.