BOSP Cape Town Announcement, 04.24.18

Due to additional and improved information regarding the water shortage crisis in the city of Cape Town, the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) has decided to operate its Cape Town Program for Summer Quarter 2017-18 and we have notified the students who will be attending the program this summer. We are also moving forward with our three-week faculty-led seminar, Soccer and Rugby in South Africa: A Racial Divide and Future Transformation, taught by Robert Sinclair, Charles M. Pigott Professor in the School of Engineering.
Cape Town’s water shortage stems from insufficient rainfall and low dam levels. City officials have implemented significant restrictions on water usage that took effect February 1, 2018, limiting all residents to no more than 50 liters per person per day. Due to these measures, Cape Town officials have no longer designated a date when water supply may be cut off fully – otherwise known as “Day Zero.”
BOSP Staff in Cape Town have undertaken measures to enable our students and staff to comply with the City’s water restrictions. In addition, city officials continue to encourage visitors to the area in order to support the local economy. The city of Cape Town has now defined a critical water shortages disaster plan in the unlikely event of a worst-case scenario. Similarly, Stanford has defined contingency plans to address our continued operations should the situation warrant.
BOSP will continue to closely monitor the water situation. Further updates will be provided if needed.
For more information on the water shortage: