BOSP Cape Town Announcements

Cape Town Organizational Projects

As of 2021, Stanford in Cape Town will offer students the opportunity to participate in our organizational projects program. Working from a list of existing community partners, students will be able to apply to do small projects devised by organizations.

The form and content of projects will be determined by our partners, and tasks will vary from organization to organization. Potential areas of focus may include: design work for social justice campaigns, web development for new online educational platforms or workshops for community health initiatives.

Commitment to these projects is voluntary and you are welcome to register your interest. If you feel that your experience and background equip you to work with a specific organization or on a particular project, and/or you would like to learn how your skills can be adapted in a South African context, you can respond to an organizational project posting by contacting the Cape Town Engaged Learning Coordinator, Julie-Anne Lothian

Winter 2021 Projects:

These projects are currently being defined and will be available for review in the summer.