What I Did in Florence

Current Florence Student Ambassadors

Josie Bianchi [Bio] [Email]

Being in Florence was probably the best academic decision I could’ve made for my language skills -- from translating daily dinners with my roommate and host family to the Italian classes held at the Stanford in Florence campus, I learned more about Italian language and culture in 10 weeks than in 30 weeks at Stanford, and bringing that knowledge back home helped solidify my capabilities in a way I never thought possible.

Ruthie Lewis [Bio] [Email]

My most valuable item that I brought was actually the travel journal that my little gave to me before I left because I was able to write all down all of my thoughts and feelings about all of the memories that I was making throughout the trip and I know that I'll really appreciate having them stored when I look back at it in the future.

Past Florence Student Ambassadors

Vivian Nguyen (Human Biology) - Winter 2017-18

Day after day of classes and travels, I became smitten with learning for the sake of learning, and what I learned in the classroom and out in the streets and museums of Florence informed my studies here on the home campus more than I could have anticipated. For me personally, I found many benefits with studying in Florence, benefits that include but are not limited to ideas for my senior capstone project, a refreshed approach to my STEM courses on campus, as well as a greater appreciation for what it truly means to be a student with intellectual vitality.

Sarah Phillips (Spanish) - Winter 2017-18 

I learned that the only person standing in my way in everything (i.e. academic and social, etc.) is myself. I learned that my major and minors, while unconventional, are exactly what I should be pursuing. I learned my vocation is immigration and migration studies. I learned that I have some of the best friends in the world, and I hadn't even met half of them before arriving in Florence. I learned that I love Italy, and I plan to move there after graduation. I learned that, even though I will always want my parents, I don't need them. I learned that six months in Europe is actually NOT a long time, but rather a small taste of different cultures. I learned a lot more than this, so ask me about it when you come talk to me at office hours!

Alyssa Liew (International Relations) - Winter 2016-17 

In Florence, I learned how much I valued exploring new things, whether that be trying a panino place other than my one true love All’ Antico Vinaio or switching my study spot to the rooftop of the Oblate with a beautiful view of the Duomo. At Stanford, and in Florence, I found so much comfort in the routines that I established. However, challenging myself to actively change one thing each day encouraged me to find new interests and change my perspective, both in Florence and back at Stanford.

Kirill Safin (Electrical Engineering) - Winter 2016-17

Studying Italian was made easy not only by the amazing professors, but also being in Italy itself, and even cooler -- classes in grocery stores and cafes! What a better way to learn a language? Not to be outdone, being in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is an amazing opportunity to fine-tune your artistic abilities -- and the abstract art & photography classes are spectacular in what they teach, and Florence is the best place to put those skills to the test.