Florence Language Prerequisite

Florence Prerequisite

  • Participants do not need any previous language experience.
  • Preference will be given to students with additional language study.

The Bonus Experience

Students who come to Florence with at least one year of prior study of the Italian language on the home campus will be awarded with a Bonus Experience.

The Bonus Experience is both a way to recognize the passion for and commitment to Italian language and culture as well as an opportunity for students to experience different and unique facets of Italy.

Students can choose one of the following Bonus Experience options: 

  • a five class package for a variety of difference courses (e.g., yoga, dance, ballet, acting, voice lessons, arts, crafts etc.);
  • a one month gym membership;
  • a gift card for 5 movie or theater shows;
  • a ticket to a live Italian music concert;
  •  a full meal in a typical restaurant (no alcohol allowed or paid for)

Applications (in the form of a paragraph detailing your choice of activity and explaining how it will enhance your Italian experience) must be submitted to us via email (stanfordinflorence@stanford.edu) by the end of week 2 in the quarter.  Final approval of the proposals is at the discretion of the Program Director and will take into account academic and budgetary considerations. 

On-site Language Requirement

All students are required to study or continue their study of the Italian language once in Florence. Our on-site language requirement can be fulfilled as follows:

  • First year students must enroll in Italian 1F, 2F, 3F or in Italian 1A, 2A (Accelerated sequence), according to their placement level or previous coursework. Only students with a strong background in another Romance Language will be allowed to enroll in the Accelerated sequence (pending approval by the Language Center).
  • Students who have completed the first-year language sequence via Stanford course work or placement test must enroll in either OSPFLOR 021F (completed 3, 2A or 21): Accelerated Second Year Italian Part A, or OSPFLOR 022F (completed 21A or 22): Accelerated Second Year Italian Part B while in Florence. Course enrollment will be determined according to students’ placement level or previous coursework. These courses are offered in Fall, Winter and Spring and the grading basis is Letter Grade Only. Please note that students who have completed 21 (second year 1st quarter of the non-accelerated sequence) within 6 months of arriving in Florence can take 22F in Florence; students who have completed 21 more than 6 months prior to their arrival must take 21F.
  • Students who have completed the second year language sequence via Stanford course work (22A or 23) or placement test are not required to take Italian language on site, but are encouraged to do so and enroll in OSPFLOR031F: Advanced Oral Communication (when offered*), in a directed reading conducted in Italian, in a class at the University of Florence, or in an academic internship.

NOTE: *OSPFLOR 31F: Advanced Oral Communication is part of our curriculum in Fall, Winter and Spring but will only be offered if a sufficient number of students, who have successfully completed the necessary prerequisites (the second-year language sequence via Stanford course work or placement test), choose to enroll.

We recommend that all students, regardless of level, maximize their use of Italian while they are in Florence, both in and out of class. Our language instructors are very much available, also outside of regular class time, to help students work individually and in groups on bettering their oral and written skills.

As part of the language program, students are encouraged to take part in a number of extra-curricular language activities. For example, they can choose to participate in the "Friends a Firenze" program (i.e. a language exchange with college-age Italians), in public service activities, and in thematic workshops and tandem meetings with their Italian peers. All of these activities represent excellent opportunities to meet locals and improve language skills in an authentic context.

Stanford Language Center

  • All students, including native speakers, are expected to demonstrate their level of language ability (writing, verbal and reading) by providing results of a recent language placement test or previous coursework. For any questions, please contact the Language Center (languagecenter@stanford.edu) with "BOSP" specified in the subject line.