About the Program

Hong Kong Program Introduction

In partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), BOSP will welcome its first group of students in Hong Kong during the Autumn Quarter of the 2019-20 academic year. With CUHK’s residential-college model, BOSP students will have the opportunity to spend the quarter fully immersed in CUHK life while earning credits toward Stanford graduation.

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Start with a high-level introduction to the program. Learn more about the academic program, including academic prerequisites, related on-campus coursework, local learning opportunities, course credit, and cultural events and trips.

As you begin to think about your time abroad, take the time to learn about the things that will surround you. Your meals and accommodations, the local culture, and the daily city life are all important aspects of the program outside of academics that you should experience and learn from.

Important dates including Arrival/Departure, Orientation, First Day of Classes, Finals, and Holidays. Please check these dates carefully when planning your travel to and from the program, and also be aware that some dates are different from those of the corresponding quarter on campus.