What's New In Kyoto?

Special Winter Quarter 2021-22

The Stanford Program in Kyoto is pleased to announce a special one-off Winter Quarter for the Academic Year 2021-22. For this quarter only, application to the Kyoto Program will not require any prior Japanese language experience. No matter what your level or experience with the Japanese language, ALL students are invited to apply!

*NOTE*: several organizational and academic aspects of our special winter program will be different from our usual format. Please click HERE to read important information about this special Winter Quarter program before applying!

Kyoto Winter Quarter academic courses

Our winter program content courses focus on the arts, culture and modern society in Japan. For an overview of offered elective courses, please click HERE.

Notice for Academic Year 2021-22 Kyoto applicants

In order to ensure student safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, during the AY2021-22, the Kyoto program may operate special housing, academic and cocurricular formats which are different to how the program is normally organised. These arrangements are under constant review and more details will be shared with students closer to the start of the Quarter.

Why Study in Kyoto

  • Improve your Japanese language skills through intensive lessons in the Center as well as through application and practice outside of the classroom.
  • Explore contemporary aspects of Japan’s fast-changing society and culture with our faculty, whilst satisfying WAYS and major requirements. Our Autumn Quarter curriculum has an additional focus on the arts.
  • Study each topic first-hand through some 30 field trips across all courses each Quarter.
  • Learn together with local university students who join many of our courses, enriching class discussions with their perspectives and experiences.
  • Make the most of opportunities within Doshisha University’s beautiful, busy campus. Meet local students and take part in organized events and trips together, and hone your Japanese skills with a language partner.
  • Live with a local family, gain first hand insights into the lives of Kyoto-ites in a friendly and supportive environment. Home cooked meals provided!
  • Students taking our Spring Quarter can apply for a 10-week, full-time, funded summer internship - sourced for them at leading companies or organizations in their area of interest.

Kyoto City

As the Imperial Capital for over a thousand years, Kyoto is the birthplace and custodian of many of the ancient traditions that make Japanese culture so distinctive. Yet Kyoto is also a strikingly dynamic, forward-looking city – an apparent contradiction that students on the Kyoto program can explore through their academic courses and numerous field trips, through interactions with their homestay families and local students, and through experiencing this incredible city in their daily lives.