Past Host Organizations

Kyoto Program Internship Past Host Organizations

Here are a few examples of companies and organizations in Japan that have hosted Stanford Program in Kyoto students in the past. Participating host organizations as well as specific opportunities differ year by year. Once students have been accepted into the program, Stanford Program in Kyoto works closely with students and host organizations to design the best possible internship placements. On occasions when a student requests an internship in an area that we don’t currently have connections with, we strive to source new and relevant internship opportunities for them to the best we can.

Appirits Inc. (Tokyo)

AQ (Tokyo)

Ascent Robotics, Inc. (Tokyo)

Baroque Japan Limited (Tokyo)

Bertrand Co. (Kyoto)

Cocoroom (Osaka)

daisy Inc. (Tokyo)

Hiroshima Prefectural Government (Hiroshima)

infield design inc. (Tokyo)

Institute for International Monetary Affairs (Tokyo)

Institute for Sustainable Energy Polices (Tokyo)

Japan Institute for Global Health (Tokyo)

Komatsu Ltd. (Kanagawa)

Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Materials Chemistry (Kyoto)

LINE Corporation (Kyoto)

MUJIN Inc. (Tokyo)

NEC Corporation, Central Research Laboratories (Kanagawa)

Nifco Inc. (Tokyo)

1→10, Inc. (Tokyo, Kyoto)

Q-Games Ltd. (Kyoto)

teamLab (Tokyo)

The University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science (Tokyo)

Village Trust Tsukuda Farm (Kyoto)

Yamaha Corporation (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka)