Transfer Credit FAQ

Yes, a maximum of 20 quarter units may represent courses which do not parallel specific undergraduate courses at Stanford, subject to the approval of the credit evaluator as to quality and suitability. Credit from another institution may be transferred for courses which are substantially equivalent to those offered at Stanford University on the undergraduate level, subject to the approval of the credit evaluator.

All documentation must be in the English language (or all documentation must have a certified English translation). As a result, if documents are not in English, students are encouraged to purchase a third-party, course-by-course international transcript translation and evaluation service which includes translation of course descriptions/syallbi. Some examples of these services are:

  • World Education Services (
  • FIS (Foundation for International Services, Inc.) (
  • Educational Credential Evaluators (
  • International Education Services by AACRAO (
  • You must check with your major department for approval before going overseas. The transfer work must be accepted for general University credit through the Bing Overseas Studies Program in order to be considered by your department. To send a copy of your transcript to your department, check the box on the Request for Non-Stanford Study Abroad Transfer Credit Evaluation Form that indicates you want to have a copy of your transcript and transfer credit form forwarded to your department and list the department and contact name.

    No more than 45 (90 for transfer students) quarter units of credit for work done elsewhere may be counted toward a bachelor's degree at Stanford (including advanced placement test credit).

    Grades from other colleges and universities are not included in the GPA and will not appear on Stanford transcripts. Only the grades for courses taken at Stanford are included in your GPA.

    Only the name of the institution, and the units will appear. For example: “London School of Economics, 6.0. units”. Courses and grades from the host institution will not appear on the Stanford transcript. If you plan to apply to graduate schools or for fellowships/scholarships in the future, those organizations will usually ask you to submit transcripts from all institutions attended. You must request transcripts from those institutions directly.

    BOSP cannot release a copy of your transfer transcript to you or to any outside agency. You will need to request a copy directly from the program. If a transcript gets sent directly to you, BOSP cannot accept that transcript. You must request that an official transcript be sent directly from the program or institution to BOSP.

    Pre-approval is required for requests to fulfill a Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing (Ways) requirement with a transfer course, and must be submitted by the quarterly deadline. The pre-approval deadline is the end of the eighth week of the term prior to the planned term in transfer. Courses that have not been pre-approved prior to enrollment at the non-Stanford institution do not fulfill the Ways requirement. See the Ways of Thinking/Ways of Doing web site for additional information regarding Ways Transfer Credit policies.