Oxford Highlights

Student Profile - Jayaram Ravi
"Frankly, I don't know what I expected with regard to the tutorial system. However, I did not anticipate the kind of work I did (a lot hours spent reading and writing in the library with a stack of books next to me), how close I would get to my cohort of Stanford students, and how much fun I found the tutorial process to be. I have been stressed/exhausted writing a paper but never once hated doing it. I enjoyed approaching my topic from a variety of angles."

Student Profile - Hope Schroeder
"At Oxford, I quickly learned to manage my unstructured time so that I was ready for my tutorial each week. I filled in the other time with meaningful things like time at the Oxford Union and other clubs, weekend trips, and sports.."

Croquet in Spring quarter

Cloisters at Magdalen College

Bing Trip Orientation

Meeting Oxford "college parents" at the start of a term

Stanford House Library

About Oxford

The Stanford program in Oxford has been running for over 30 years and is still hugely popular with undergraduates wishing to participate in Oxford University life. The city of Oxford is home to one of the most famous and ancient universities in the world, preserved in traditional education practices and stunning architecture. The city is also the birthplace of many literary works such as, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials; Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderlandas well as being the home of the humanitarian organisation Oxfam, and the famous car, the MINI™. Oxford has something for every student and provides a gateway into the diverse cities, villages and cultures of the United Kingdom. Both London and Birmingham are just an hour away on public transport. While in the UK, the Oxford program aims to foster students’ intellectual development and writing skills through intense, self-motivated work in their tutorials, lectures, and seminar classes. Students are expected to make use of Oxford’s incomparable library resources and to contact Oxford students and faculty, in order to develop a deeper appreciation of British life and culture.