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Stanford Program in Oxford will not operate during Autumn Quarter 2014-15.

Student Profile: Andrew Stutz
"My tutorial was one of the best academic experiences I have ever experienced. Requiring that I defend my thesis each week in a one to one setting with my tutor, studying at Oxford helped me to refine my writing and verbal skills in order to develop strong and coherent arguments. The tutorial system also allowed me to further develop a complex knowledge of management within a different academic and cultural setting."

Student Profile: Whitney Wells
"What made my experience in Oxford satisfying wasn’t just the academic learning, but also experiencing what it’s like to be a part of the fabric of Oxford-life. I wouldn’t necessarily do less work, I would just be more efficient with my work and manage my time better so that I could focus on the rest of life."

About Oxford

An integral part of the Oxford program is the tutorial system, the characteristic form of undergraduate instruction at Oxford University. Stanford students have often described the experience as "the single most challenging, yet rewarding academic experience" that they have had while an undergraduate at Stanford.  Tutorials give you an opportunity to explore a subject one-on-one, in depth, with a professor within that respective field.