What's New In Paris For Winter 2014-15?

Three exciting new activities will be offered to those of you coming both winter and spring (and even early summer for the internships): 

Two six-month internship positions  in two major think-tanks in Paris, one devoted to International Relations/Public Policy and one on Climate Change Policies (see OSPPARIS 10C and 10D).  

One interdisciplinary project where French Engineer and Product Design students, as well as Stanford-in-Paris participants, will work as a team to create and construct an innovative and transformative product.  Bring your ideas and join the team! (see OSPPARIS 198A).

Interested? Email Program Advisor Tori Wilhelmsen at for more information, and apply now HERE.

About Paris

Paris is one of those rare international hubs of political, economic, cultural and intellectual life that has fascinated the world for centuries. Students encounter French culture through classes taught in French by some of the country's most prominent professors, internships, French family life and other activities that make use of the rich academic resources Paris has to offer.