Paris Research & Internships

Internship Opportunities

Internships represent an excellent framework to develop academic study and to understand the underpinnings of a foreign culture. They also offer students in-depth exposure to French organizations and companies. Qualified and motivated students are encouraged to participate in any of the various Paris internship opportunities.

Internships may involve on-site activity, observation or research positions. Many are offered by alumni, researchers or institutions affiliated with the Stanford program. In most cases, internships are available year-round and only require a one-quarter stay in Paris. Internship opportunities include media, French schooling, marketing, product design, computer science, green urban planning, engineering, and biology research positions.

The latter include research positions in three renowned French scientific institutions: the Institut Curie, the Institut Pasteur, and the ICM (within the Hospital Pitie-Salpetriere). The researchers propose spots in their labs to qualified Stanford-in-Paris students, either part-time  during winter, or as a follow-up experience to students’ winter stay, full time  over the summer. Learn more about these research internships here.

The Paris program also proposes individually arranged positions in order to accommodate students’ specific interests. Internships can be arranged in a number of areas including the arts, architecture, communication, advertising, marketing, media and journalism, health services, IT, research and NGO's. Arranged internships are available to students at an advanced level of French (placed into French 23P upon arrival in Paris). They require that students begin the application process while still on campus during the quarter preceding the experience through Skype interviews, etc.

For further information, please see the overview of Paris internship opportunities, or see the Course Search. Note - all internships have the word "internship" in the title.

How do I apply for these internships?

Students already enrolled in the Stanford Program in Paris will receive specific messages from the Paris program staff one to two months prior to the beginning of the quarter with updated information on these internship opportunities (requirements, projects or conditions may indeed vary slightly from one quarter to another). Students will be informed at that point on the action to take for applying (generally, sending a resume or writing a letter of interest).

Research Opportunities

Research/Independent Study in Paris

If you are looking to pursue a somewhat familiar subject in depth or prepare for future honors work, the Paris program offers the opportunity to conduct independent study. You are paired with a French specialist who acts as mentor and research advisor.

The work consists of weekly meetings, required readings, and oral presentations, and culminates in a ten page final paper based on your findings. Research proposals must be submitted one month in advance of quarter of intended research to the Program Director.

Undergraduate Student Grants for Research

Several grants are available through VPUE that can help support research abroad, including the Chappell Lougee Scholarship and Major Grant. For specific details regarding grant deadlines, eligibility, and policies for off-campus research, please visit the Student Grants Website.