Santiago Highlights

Come Study in Chile! (Video)

Student Profile: Larry Reinhard
"Some of the most valuable academic experiences that I had from studying abroad in Santiago were creating close personal relations with the professors. You study in classes that can be as small as four people. Within these classes, you are able to dive into the brains of impressive faculty members on issues and subjects that they had lived through. You can always lie in your bed or go on Facebook at Stanford, but you are not always given the opportunities that being abroad presents."

On Campus Gateway Course: ILAC 131, "Introduction to Latin America: Cultural Perspectives"
Offered during Autumn quarter as part of the "Gateways to the World" program, the seminar course above is recommended to help you prepare for your time abroad. Additional consideration during the application process for this program will be given to students taking this course.

Santiago News

Beginning 2013-14 the Santiago program will be open during Autumn, Spring and Summer quarters, making Santiago BOSP's first Summer quarter-length program.  This schedule will give students more of a chance to interact with local university students and faculty, and students who can't go abroad during the academic year will have the opportunity to go abroad over the Summer.  The unique geographical and cultural diversity of the country gives students the opportunity to have a variety of experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.