Santiago Highlights

Student Profile - Sam Garcia
"I chose to study abroad in Santiago program because I am deeply interested in Latin American history and culture. As such, I was eager for the opportunity to live in Chile and to take classes largely focusing on the region's history, political development, and literature."

Student Profile - Sierra Killian
"While in Santiago, I learned more about what I value and about how to take advantage of my current stage of life. I came to more highly value having conversations one-on-one and also enjoyed spending time with small groups, but I realized that it is perfectly fine to take time to myself when I need it."

On Campus Gateway Course: ILAC 131, "Introduction to Latin America: Cultural Perspectives"
Offered during Winter quarter as part of the "Gateways to the World" program, the seminar course above is recommended to help you prepare for your time abroad. Additional consideration during the application process for this program will be given to students taking this course.

Santiago Video

The Santiago program is now open during Autumn, Spring and Summer quarters! This schedule will give students more of a chance to interact with local university students and faculty, and students who can't go abroad during the academic year will have the opportunity to go abroad during the summer.