Lead an Overseas Seminar

Each year, BOSP invites Stanford Academic Council faculty to apply to lead an Overseas Seminar during Summer Quarter of the following academic year. Overseas Seminars are two-unit classes taught over the course of three weeks by Stanford faculty in locations around the world that have direct relevance to the course topic.

Proposal Deadline

BOSP will begin accepting proposals for Summer Quarter 2020-21 in December 2019.

Nature of Overseas Seminars

The objective of the Overseas Seminar is to provide students with an intensive 3-week in-depth academic experience with a particular Stanford faculty member. Course content should be academically rigorous and unique, but at the same time general enough to be accessible to a wide range of undergraduates. The capacity of each seminar is usually 15 students.


BOSP Overseas Seminar Faculty Leaders serve as mentors and role models for students in their exploration of a new environment. As a Stanford faculty member leading an Overseas Seminar, you can participate in what many students regard as a highlight of their Stanford years. Stanford faculty members find that leading a seminar is a rewarding and memorable experience, and offers the following benefits:

  • Teaching small classes
  • Getting to know students on a personal basis
  • Participating in field-based and community-based study
  • Working with students across different academic disciplines
  • Making connections with colleagues, libraries, and research projects in the host country

Current, Past and Future Overseas Seminar and FIP Faculty Leaders (PDF)


Overseas Seminar proposals are accepted from any current Stanford faculty member who belongs to the Academic Council. Non-tenure track Stanford faculty may be considered occasionally, as may emeriti. Please inquire about your specific circumstances.


Each year, in Winter Quarter, BOSP invites Stanford faculty on Academic Council to apply to lead an Overseas Seminar during Summer Quarter of the following academic year. BOSP will notify faculty of the status of their proposal in March/April. BOSP Special Program Coordinators will then work with selected Faculty Leaders in the Spring to expand upon proposals and create additional materials including a day-to-day seminar schedule. A full Administrative Timeline will be shared with Faculty Leaders in the Spring Quarter.


The Faculty Leader will receive a $8,500 payment for leading an Overseas Seminar. If a seminar is co-led by more than one faculty member, this amount is split as determined by the participating faculty. Roundtrip airfare (lowest non-refundable upgradeable economy class) to the seminar location, accommodation for the duration of the seminar, and meal expenses are reimbursed to faculty based on the program budget and following standard Stanford business travel procedures.


The responsibilities of a Seminar Faculty Leader are more comprehensive than the standard duties of a faculty member teaching a course on the Stanford campus. To ease the logistical burden of the faculty leader, BOSP will identify a dedicated third-party program provider to coordinate the planning and implementation of the seminar. Third-party providers may be study abroad providers, travel consulting organizations, or other third-party vendors specializing in study abroad programming for U.S. colleges and universities. BOSP will solicit bids based on the proposal submitted. Depending on a faculty leader’s needs, these providers may help create the program itinerary, arrange housing, meeting space, local transportation, on-site orientation, site visits, guest lectures, and serve as on-site contact for non-academic student issues, including emergencies.

For more information on faculty leader responsibilities and conditions, please refer to Faculty Role and Responsibilities.