Resource Library

Below you will find documents that will be helpful to reference after the Overseas Seminar selection process. 

Administrative Timeline

The 18-month planning process for Overseas Seminars includes a series of deadlines and important meetings. Please reference this schedule frequently. In the event of a change to the timeline, BOSP will upload an updated version and notify Faculty Leaders and Seminar Assistants accordingly.

Logistics and Itinerary Development

The first step of program development is to outline all of the components of an Overseas Seminar on a daily itinerary (e.g. accommodation, transportation, meals, guest lectures, site visits, classroom). BOSP works with third-party program providers to coordinate the logistics for every Overseas Seminar. Faculty Leaders will complete the Logistics Development and Itinerary Form with as many details as possible. This form will then be used to request proposals from program providers . 

BOSP Faculty and Seminar Assistant Handbook

The handbook is a valuable resource for Faculty Leaders and Seminar Assistants before, during and after your seminar. The handbook is organized into three sections: Pre-Departure, On-the-Ground, and Upon Your Return. 

More Information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact BOSP's Special Program Coordinators.

Phone: (650) 723-3558