Resource Library

Below you will find documents that will be helpful to reference after the Overseas Seminar and Faculty-Initiated Program (FIP) selection process. 

Administrative Timeline

The 18-month planning process for seminars and FIPs includes a series of deadlines and important meetings. Please reference this schedule frequently. In the event of a change to the timeline, BOSP will upload an updated version and will notify you via email of the change.

Logistics and Itinerary Development

The first step of program development is to outline all of the components that make up a seminar/FIP (e.g. guest lecturers, site visits, classroom or lecture space). BOSP works with third-party providers to coordinate the logistics for every seminar/FIP. Please complete the Logistics Development and Itinerary Form with as many details as possible so that we can work with providers to coordinate the program as you envision it. Please complete this form and return it to BOSP by June 16th. 

2017-2018 BOSP Faculty and Program Assistant Handbook

The handbook is a valuable resource with information to guide Faculty and Program Assistants before, during and after your seminar/FIP. The handbook is organized into three sections: Pre-Departure, On-the-Ground, and Upon Your Return. 

Web Content Request

The program-specific website is home to important seminar/FIP details and is the main source of information for interested students. Every program page follows the same format outlined in the web content request. Faculty need to email the web content document to BOSP by September 1st.

Sample Application Questions

The standard seminar/FIP application includes general questions that all students must answer. We suggest that you include about 3 questions that elicit information that will help you determine the student’s dedication to the academic focus of your program. Please use the questions in this document as inspiration and submit your specific application questions to BOSP by September 1st.

Certification for Student Travel

In order for graduate student Seminar/Program Assistants to receive their travel advance, the faculty must complete a Student Certification form that certifies the airfare is for a university purpose. Complete this form and email it to Pam Leong ( in the BOSP Finance department.

More Information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact: