France and Globalization: It's Complicated!

February 23, 2021 - 9:00am to 10:00am

Eloi Laurent is the guest speaker. He will be introduced by alumna Erica Scott.

Éloi Laurent is senior economist at the Sciences Po Centre for Economic Research (OFCE) and professor at Sciences Po and Ponts ParisTech in Paris. A macroeconomist by training, his work focuses on environmental sustainability, well-being and social ecology. He has taught at Harvard and Stanford, and for 15 years at the Bing Overseas Paris program. His current course, scheduled to be offered in Autumn 2021-2022 , is entitled “The Future of Globalization: Economics, Politics and the Environment”.

France is often perceived by foreigners and even by its own citizens as a unique country, centered on an exceptional cultural identity somewhat closed to outside influence. The reality is that France has never been so immersed and engaged in globalization on all fronts as at the present time, and can be witnessed in the spheres of demography, economy, ecology, and culture. This presentation will attempt to shed light on the many facets of the rarely acknowledged “France métisse”.

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