The Changing Face of America: Building Leaders for Civil Rights and Education

Course Description

This upper division seminar explores significant issues related to educational access and equity facing American society in the 21st century. Designed for students with significant leadership potential who have already studied these topics in lecture format, this seminar will focus on in-depth analysis of the impact of race on educational access and a variety of educational reform initiatives. Students who would like to combine classroom study of these issues with a service project in a local organization may enroll in the community engaged learning (CEL) option. Students who choose the CEL option will have the opportunity to consider current issues in educational equity and access from the perspective of local leaders and educational organizations. Students may identify their own placement, but we encourage students to serve with our partner, the Project Access Family Resource Center at Light Tree Apartments in East Palo Alto. Project Access serves low-income children in a residential setting in East Palo Alto. Students will have opportunities to develop enrichment activities for middle and high school students, including college access workshops. We look to these students to bring insights from these experiences back to our class. 

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The Changing Face of America: Building Leaders for Civil Rights and Education


Sally Dickson & Jim Steyer | Spring quarter

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(Note: This class is by application only!)