Geographic Impacts of Climate Change: Mapping the Stories

Course Description

Climate change imparts political, socioeconomic and ecological impacts worldwide, creating an urgent need for scientists to communicate with policy-makers. In conversations with California Governor Jerry Brown, Prof. Liz Hadly learned that policymakers wanted a map of climate change across the nation. For its first iteration, students in this class collected data for California from multiple sources ranging from academic journals to popular media to create a interactive storymap, merging scientific and human dimensions of climate change. Students will present the map to state policymakers this summer (2014). The class will be offered again next spring and will focus on the entire United States. 

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Geographic Impacts of Climate Change: Mapping the Stories

BIO 128

Dr. Liz Hadly, Melissa Kemp, Alexis Mychajliw | Spring Quarter

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What Students are Saying

"Bio 128 was the first class I have taken at Stanford that made me realize, WOW, we humans are really digging a pretty deep grave for ourselves right now. When it comes to climate change, we’ve been conditioned to think that it will be the next generation’s problem, but it’s our problem, and we have to learn about it and do something about it now."

-Biology major Osama El-Gabalawy


"There was great satisfaction knowing that the work I was doing for this class directly supported a larger project whose impacts would last well beyond the quarter ends and reach all corners of California. It was really unlike any other class I have taken at Stanford."

-Jason Kaufman

News Coverage

See the Stanford Report article about the class.

The class was also written up for KCET Online and for the webpage of the Governor's Office of Planning & Research

Professor Liz Hadly will receive the 2015 Miriam Aaron Roland Volunteer Service Prize for integrating research, teaching and outreach.