Prospective Frosh 101 Leaders

Students on the lawn during the spring leader course



  • Learn the research behind the Frosh 101 curriculum    
  • Learn ways to build community and be an effective leader
  • Develop facilitation skills
  • Develop a community of practice with other leaders
  • Receive a $900 stipend when you lead in the fall

Steps to Become a Leader: 

  1. Take EDUC 194A (2-units) in the spring (Tuesdays 4:30-5:50pm)
  2. Attend a half day retreat in the fall
  3. Take a fall training course (2-units)


Why Lead Frosh 101 as a Sophomore?

Siddharth GEHLAUT '20


"The sophomore experience is a unique one - you might not fully be comfortable in the new space or at Stanford yet, and leading Frosh 101 allows you to reset yourself as a leader in the community while allowing for mistakes and growth throughout!"





Why Lead Frosh 101 as A Dorm Staff Member?

Cory Bhowmik '19

Cory Bhowmik

"Help your dorm community flourish, and form special bonds with your frosh!"