TA Profiles

Hannah Berke, TAHannah Berke

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

Frosh 101 has been in many ways one of the most formative and continuous parts of my time at Stanford. As a fall quarter frosh, the class gave me the tools and community to embrace Stanford in both its highs and lows. Teaching the course was an equally meaningful experience, and I learned as much about my own values as I did my students. I love conversations about vulnerability, growth, and relationships, and I think Frosh101 is a great place for those to happen! I'm looking forward to facilitating those discussions and hearing different perspectives from students who are all invested in the idea of community. 


Siddharth Gehlaut, Head TASiddharth (Sid) Gehlaut

Hometown: Barrington, Illinois

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

Frosh 101 was one of my favorite parts of my first fall quarter. I was really nervous about community-building and finding friends when I came to Stanford, and this program helped me through a lot of those stressful times. I grew close to many of the students in my section, and they are some of my closest friends to this day. As a sophomore and junior co-lead, I have seen the positive impact this program has on frosh communities many times. One takeaway is that there is no one type of community – each group has its own set of challenges and opportunities for growth, and it is up to you as a leader to learn how to best facilitate community building within those communities. As a TA, I am excited to support the next class of co-leads as they grow their leading skills and help the next class of frosh and transfers flourish.


Segen Gilazgi, TASegen Gilazgi

Hometown: Wylie, Texas

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

I did not do Frosh 101 as a freshman. My friends who were enrolled seemed to have such a great support system within the class, and that was something I was missing. Even though I couldn't experience the program from the perspective of a freshman, I decided to give co-leading a shot. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it ended up being the most rewarding experience of my college career thus far. I am so thankful for the Frosh 101 family, and I am so excited to have the chance to still be a part of it as a TA. 


Cosima Justus, Head TACosima Justus

Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

Frosh 101 is intentionally fun, thought-provoking, warm, and a little wild. I didn't think it could do much for me when I took it as a Frosh in Larkin. Now, having co-led a section and TA-ed the TA-class, I know this program can build communities across campus - and teach students how to go out into the vast world (that follows frosh year) and do the same.


Sol Martinez, TASol Martinez

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

As a frosh, I loved Frosh 101 for the genuinely supportive community it helped me to build from the very start of my time at Stanford. Getting to co-lead a section this past fall was really special because it empowered me to improve my leadership, communication, and emotional skills while also getting to know incredible current frosh. Overall, I am so grateful to Frosh 101 and its amazing leaders for all of the ways it supports the students involved and I am so excited to continue working and growing with the program!


Olivia Panarella, TAOlivia (Liv) Panarella

Hometown: Missoula, Montana

Why do you care about Frosh 101?: 

I took Frosh 101 in my dorm last year, Muwekma Tah-Ruk (The Native/Indigenous theme house), and I co-led my section this year in Muwekma as well.  I found that both taking this class, and teaching it, in an ethnic theme dorm to be an invaluable experience.  My co-leads last year did a stunning job of making the class a comfortable, fun, and safe environment.  Not only did I feel that it was helpful generally (regarding easing into Freshman year), but I also found that we had a lot of deep conversations about what it means to be indigenous in places of higher education, and Stanford specifically.  This was a topic that I do not know if my peers and I would have had the chance to delve into as deeply as we did if not for this course.  I personally felt safer, and that my voice was heard, at Stanford in part because of Frosh 101.  I had an amazing time Fall quarter this year working to provide my Frosh with the same experience, and I am so grateful to this program for providing me with both the opportunity to receive the help I needed, and to give back to my community.


Sierra Porter, TASierra Porter

Hometown: Apex, North Carolina

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

Leading EDUC 194A is an incredible opportunity to work with people dedicated to enhancing the Frosh experience. I am looking forward to working with others to create a welcoming and inclusive environment to help students feel at home. I want students to feel seen, heard, and prepared with tools to navigate Stanford. 


Haleigh Quinn, TAHaleigh Quinn

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

Participating in Frosh 101 has been an incredibly transformative experience for me. Through Frosh 101, I have had the opportunity to connect on a much deeper level with the amazingly diverse, talented, and spirited students that attend Stanford. More than that, the skills that I have gained as a Frosh 101 TA around stress management and navigating salient identities on campus has had an indelible impact on my mental health and wellness. I look forward to continuing my work with Frosh 101 as a TA for EDUC 194C to help more students discover how personally impactful it can be to give back to the Stanford community by helping to ease of the stress of matriculation for our incoming students. I also look forward to hearing all of the incredible stories that the new TA cohort has to share.


Andrew Radford, TAAndrew Radford

Hometown: Spokane, WA (home) // Vancouver, WA (current)

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

Instructing Frosh 101 this past fall was the highlight of my weeks most consistently, so given the opportunity to continue working with this program, I couldn't find a reason not to. I anticipate the spring being a more enjoyable time than the fall too because there is now a common understanding of Frosh 101's procedures and goals, making the instructions and environment a bit easier to navigate because of this mutual understanding. I care about Frosh 101 because it is a dedicated time of reflection and conversation about topics which are much too-often overlooked and under-represented in environments that demand performance, not well-being, of individuals.


Vanessa Veak, TAVanessa Veak

Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio

Why do you care about Frosh 101?:

Identity is complex, and unfortunately we do not discuss the social structure and context surrounding it, as well as navigating who we are as a person enough when we reflect on lives, including on Stanford’s campus. Frosh 101 provides this context, especially at an early stage of our dynamic learning career where it impacts the most. While we struggle with who are we, if we belong, what it means to be this person at a prestigious university, our passions, our intersectionalities, and further doubts and questions in our life, these intimate discussions and conversations that occur every week with the people in our lives for the next four or more years who are experiencing similar thoughts and events mean the most in the moment. We will inevitably have our fantastic days, good weeks, and miserable nights; that is perfectly normal, but I believe it helps if there is someone to talk to about, someone who can relate, yet know how to approach the situation. I want to provide that type of support, and I want to trickle that support to new Frosh 101 leaders who share the feeling just how it helped me. Frosh 101 is not only a transition into Stanford, but a transition into self-care, belonging, an open-mind, reflection, your subconscious emotions‒yourself.