Who Can Take an IntroSem

Preferences by Class Year

First-Year Students

Frosh have priority for Introductory Seminars (IntroSems) for first-year students, but can be admitted to sophomore preference seminars if space is available.


Sophomores have priority for sophomore preference seminar, but can be admitted to first-year preference seminars if space is available.


First-year transfer students will have the same priority status as sophomores.

What is the difference between "N" and "Q" in the course catalog number?

N = Introductory Seminar for First Year Students (e.g., BIO 33N)

Q = Sophomore Introductory Seminar and Sophomore Introductory Dialogue (e.g., ESS 61Q)

WRITE 2 Seminars

  • Completion of a WRITE 2 IntroSem will satisfy the University's Second level Writing and Rhetoric requirement.
  • These courses are primarily limited to students who have completed the first level Writing and Rhetoric requirement (PWR 1) and have not yet fulfilled (PWR 2) WRITE 2. 
  • The class rosters (ADD/DROP) for these courses are managed by Introductory Seminars. If you are enrolled in a WRITE 2 IntroSem and subsequently decide to drop, please notify our office as soon as possible by sending your drop request to introsems@stanford.edu.