Sign Up for Priority Enrollment

Deadlines to Submit

  • Autumn Quarter: august 29, 2018 by 11:59PM, PACIFIC TIME
  • Winter Quarter: october 14, 2018 by 11:59Pm,PACIFIC TIME
  • Spring Quarter:January 27, 2019 by 11:59Pm, PACIFIC TIME

Please note times when the VCAis sign-up system closes to students to accommodate quarterly faculty review:

  • vcais closed to sign-ups FOR AUTUMN PROCESSING: august 30 - sEPTEMBER 20, 2018
  • vcais CLOSED TO sign-upSFOR WINTER PROCESSING: oCTOBER 15 - oCTOBER 26, 2018
  • Vcais CLOSED TO sign-upsFOR spring PROCESSING: January 28 - February 8, 2019

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Choose up to three courses per quarter. Use the My Plan online tool at ExploreIntroSems or print the Annual Seminar Plan pdf to keep track of your choices for the year.
  2. Complete a self-introduction for your first ranked seminar each quarter. The prompt:  "In a brief paragraph or two, write a note to introduce yourself to the professor, including what intrigues you about this IntroSem. Please note - the system has a character limit of about 3000." Be specific, give details that illustrate your points, and use full sentences in a unified presentation. See our Writing Tips for more guidance.
  3. If a course has a seminar-specific question, it MUST be answered regardless of how you rank the course. Instructors of your second- and third-ranked choices are able to read your self-introduction for your first-ranked course. You can enter additional statements for other ranked seminars if you would like to.
  4. Submit your self-introduction through our online sign-up system, the vcais, at
  5. If you select more than one seminar in a given quarter, the vcais will rank your choices and give you the option to adjust. Can't locate the course in the system? Changes happen, so review the Seminar Updates page at ExploreIntroSems for the most recent updates.
  6. The save button will record your selections and self-introduction. Look for a confirmation email each time you save. You may revise your selections, ranking, and statement at any time up until the quarterly deadline at which point all saved entries will be submitted for instructor review.

Unable to Sign into VCAIS via Two-Step Authentication

Signing into the IntroSem sign-up system, the vcais, requires two-step authentication using your SUNet ID and password. If you are abroad in August and aren't able to log into the vcais via two-step, please send your seminar ranking and self-introduction for Autumn Quarter only to before August 29, 2018. Program administrators will upload your Autumn materials to the vcais on your behalf. You will have additional opportunities to sign up for Winter and Spring Quarter IntroSems in the vcais once you are on campus.

Tip: If this situation applies to you, please email your Autumn IntroSem selections to us early, well in advance of the Aug 29 deadline, in case any of your choices include a seminar-specific question which you will also need to answer (and we'll need to upload!). A response to a seminar-specific question is required regardless of how you rank the seminar.