Application for Enrollment

Deadlines to Submit

  • Autumn Quarter: September 1, 2015
  • Winter Quarter: october 12, 2015
  • Spring Quarter: January 25, 2016

Use the Annual Seminar Plan chart found in the course catalog publication.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Choose up to three courses per quarter and complete a statement of interest for your first ranked (per quarter). Use your statement to convey why you selected the seminar and what you would contribute to the class. If a course has course-specific question it MUST be answered regardless of how you rank the course. NOTE: When instructors review second or third ranked applications, they have the option to see the statement of interest that a student submitted for their first ranked course. 

    Preview of the Statement of Interest Prompt

    Write a statement of interest of no more than 350 words explaining why you are interested in taking this seminar: Think about these questions: "What sparked your interest? What do you think you could contribute to the seminar?" Among the possible topics to consider in forming your response: previous academic experience; personal and cultural background; long-term or recently discovered interests; desire to explore a new field; community service; hobbies or other activities, etc. Be specific, give details that illustrate your points, and use full sentences in a unified presentation.

  2. Can't locate the course? The catalog has different information? Changes happen, so review the Seminar Changes page for the most recent updates.
  3. More information on the question can be found below. For feedback about your statement of interest, consider using the resources at the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking.
  4. The save button will record your selection and/or statement of interest. Look for the confirmation email; you may return to the course application site to edit or update your submitted statement until the quarterly deadline. If you select more than one seminar in a given quarter, the system will rank your choices and give you the option to change it.
  5. Submit your statement of interest through